Distance education courses offer flexibility but require a weekly commitment to meet deadlines. You must create and maintain a regular schedule for reviewing course materials, completing activities, submitting assignments, and reviewing instructor communication and feedback. Students who are successful in distance education courses are generally independent and self-motivated learners and comfortable with technology.

Consider completing our Online Learning Self-Assessment to determine if this learning method suits you. If you are uncertain, we recommend starting with just one course. As you become comfortable with the format, you can add more courses in future semesters.


  • Student Orientation

    The Canvas Student Orientation Course is entirely online and will benefit all students, even those only using Canvas for in-person courses. You will learn to navigate the platform, communicate with your instructor and peers, submit assessments, and review feedback. The free course does not count toward credit hours for your certificate or degree. Instructors and dual credit facilitators may also use this orientation to experience a student's perspective and extend their support.

    To enroll in the Orientation Course, you must be registered for at least one credit course at Cisco College.

    1. Log in to Canvas to activate your account. For login instructions, visit the Canvas page on our website.
    2. Click on the Orientation Course in Canvas.
    3. Click on the "Enroll in Course" button.
  • Student Guides

    Students can visit the Canvas Student Guides to review written tutorials about submitting assignments, posting in discussions, reviewing instructor feedback, and additional Canvas features.

  • Student Video Guides

    Canvas also offers Student Video Guides with overviews of Canvas features and tools.

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