History is not simply the memorization of facts and dates, rather history is a personal story of people, the choices they make, and the consequences those choices will have upon future generations. Students who choose to pursue an Associate of Arts Degree with an emphasis in History at Cisco College discuss, research, and document moments in the human story including:

  • The fall of the Roman Empire
  • The radical ideas of the American Revolution
  • The trauma of the Civil War
  • The hardship of the Dust Bowl
  • The tragic assassination of President Kennedy
  • The complex events of 9/11 that continue to impact our culture, politics, and daily lives

The History Department at Cisco College provides a survey of World Civilizations, American History, and Texas History guided by experienced, passionate faculty committed to fostering success through individual attention to students. Our history students transfer to a four-year college or university to advance their historical knowledge and skills. History courses at Cisco College also correspond with the requirements to transfer and attain a Bachelor's Degree from a four-year institution. Please see the Cisco College Course Catalog for detailed course information.

History Students at Cisco College acquire skills desired by 21st century employers such as:

  • The ability to write and speak well
  • The ability to analyze a problem and provide an innovative, workable solution
  • The ability to apply knowledge and skills in new setting
  • A strong sense of ethics and integrity

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Associate of Arts Degree Four Semesters

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John Caraway

Professor of History and Government
Abilene Campus
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Randy Golson

Professor of History and Government
Abilene Campus
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William Hagood

Professor of History
Cisco Campus
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Duane Hale

Professor of History
Abilene Campus
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Staci Shupe

Professor of History and Government
Abilene & Cisco Campuses
325-794-4428 | 254-442-5160

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David Trussell

Professor of Government and History
Abilene Campus
(325) 794-4465

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