Tuition & Fees

It only makes sense to find the best quality education at the most affordable price.  Cisco College strives to provide what you need at a price you can afford. You will find that your college bill is one-third of what it would be at a major state university and thousands of dollars less than private institutions. 

According to the website, you can save at least $4,400 per year by choosing to complete your first two years at Cisco College.

Spring 2019

Online & Abilene Campus - In District Resident $118.00 per semester credit hour
 Online & Abilene Campus - Out of District Resident $158.00 per semester credit hour
 Online & Abilene Campus - Out of State Resident $194.00 per semester credit hour
 Online & Abilene Campus - International  $194.00 per semester credit hour
 Cisco Campus - In District Resident   $98.00 per semester credit hour
 Cisco Campus - Out of District Resident $138.00 per semester credit hour
 Cisco Campus - Out of State Resident $174.00 per semester credit hour
 Cisco Campus - International $174.00 per semester credit hour
*Note - In District rates apply to Cisco, TX students who pay Cisco property taxes

Laboratory Fees and Other Costs

      Agronomy supply fee $50.00
      Bowling Facilities fee $38.00
      Golf Facilities fee $50.00
      Welding supply fee $50.00
      Scuba-Diving I-Open Water $584.00
      Scuba-Diving II-Adv Open Water$479.00
      Scuba-Rescue Diver$404.00
      Scuba-Diving I-Divemaster$918.00
      Scuba-Diving II-Instructor Development$2,734.00
*All other laboratory fees for academic or technical courses are $24.00/course
     ID Replacement Fee$5.00
     Late Registration Fee$30.00
     Dorm Replacement Key$25.00
     Schedule Changes (per add & drop)$10.00
     Fax Transcript Fee$20.00
     Two-Day Transcript$25.00
     Activity Fee (6 or more hours, Cisco only)$25.00
     Music (Private lessons, per credit hour)$50.00
     Virtual College Fee (non-refundable)$50.00
     International student application fee (non-refundable)$100.00
     Post Census Date Fee$150.00
     Liability Insurance Fee (per semester)$10.00
     Cap & Gown$40.00
     Diploma, Cap & Gown$65.00
     Application for N-CLEX (RN & VN) $200.00
     Liability Insurance Fee (per semester)$10.00
     Nursing Program Fee$240.00
     Texas Board of Nursing Application$139.00
     Respiratory Care: Data ARC$60.00
     Respiratory Care: Second year PALS$100.00
     AARC Membership$100.00
     ATI Assessment Fee (LVN-RN)$159.00
     ATI Assessment Fee (VNSG)$250.00 - $300.00
     Cap & Gown$40.00
     Pin$40.00 - $50.00
These schedules reflect only an estimated cost of tuition and fees. Other expenses to be considered may include: books, supplies, room and board, and transportation. Prices are subject to change.