Cisco College offers free, face-to-face and online tutoring. No appointment is necessary for face-to-face tutoring, just drop by the Math or Writing Center on either campus, or email for assistance.

Online tutoring is powered by Upswing and offers scheduled sessions 24/7 with live tutors offering help in all subjects.

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AEC - Room 121, Abilene
Schaefer Hall - Room 3, Cisco
Room 122 - Abilene
Library - Cisco
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Upswing Instructions

What is tutoring?
When a student has a question or is stuck on a problem, a tutor can help guide the student through the reasoning and resources to find the solution.

What do I bring to tutoring?
To get the most out of tutoring, bring a good attitude because you'll only get out of it what you put into it. In addition to a readiness to work and learn, students should also bring assignments, textbooks, notes and other course resources.

What types of tutoring are available?
Faculty tutors in the Math and Writing Centers provide support for all math and English classes. The Writing Center can also provide assistance for writing and research in any class. And the live tutors at Upswing provide help in all academic disciplines. Whatever class you're in, we've got you covered!

Who are the tutors and what are their qualifications?
Math center tutoring services are provided by math faculty members and student tutors hired and trained by the Math faculty. Writing Center tutors are full- and part-time English faculty. Online tutors on Upswing are professional tutors who can provide help in all subjects.

How can I become a tutor?
If you're interested in becoming an instructor, fill out the form below and additional required forms from the application packet.

What other resources are available?
Check out the Success Links page helpful links by academic subject.