The Affordable Care Act (Public Law 111-148, 111th Congress) was passed into law in March 2010.

This law made it a requirement for all Americans to have healthcare.

Cisco College is requiring all student athletes and performing art students to be enrolled in, and provide proof of a primary medical insurance plan for themselves to be fully protected while participating in any Intercollegiate Activity or Performing Arts event at Cisco College. It would be the responsibility of the student athlete, trainer, or performing arts member to maintain this coverage/insurance throughout their status as a participant in a program.

The mandatory E-form below must be completed before participation in our Athletic or Performing Arts programs:

Mandatory E-Form For Student Insurance Information

Mandatory E-Form for Student Athlete Rank One Registration (Incoming Freshman or transfer students only)

If said student currently does not have primary insurance, Cisco College recommends using your right to find your own or participating in one of the following options:

    Domestic Student Only

    International Student Athletes Only


    Insurance questions for Performing Arts (Band,Belles,Cheer,Rodeo and Theatre)
    Beverly Massey
    (325) 794-4433

    Insurance questions for Athletes:
    Michael Garcia
    (254) 442-5064