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Academic Support programs come in all shapes and sizes, but they always have one goal in mind: the academic success of students.

At Cisco College we are expanding our programs and upgrading our facilities with that goal in mind. Whatever goals our students may have, we want to support them and provide services to make those goals a reality. While Academic Support Programs seek to find innovative ways to serve each year, the following are currently available to Cisco students:

  1. Tutoring - Nothing is more foundational to a student or an institution than a strong tutoring program. This year you will see a brand new computerized tutoring component along with the availability of online tutoring for some subjects.
  2. Early Alert/Academic Intervention - We all struggle sometimes, unfortunately not everyone recognizes when it is time for help. The EA/AI program is designed to allow instructors to report students who are falling behind in class or who they believe need some help in reaching their goals. If a teacher sends your name in through this system, they are asking Success Programs to reach out to you and help.

    Early Alert Form

  3. Seminars & Workshops - Working with groups on campus many students have participated in seminars on such topics as time management, learning styles, effective classroom skills, and the benefits of a college education. These offerings will continue and be expanded reaching out to all students in a variety of venues.
  4. Academic Recovery - Academic Support programs reach out to students who have not had success at Cisco College thus far. With the Academic Recovery program students will work on a personal Academic Improvement Plan and commit to righting their academic course. Individual work with Success staff, connections with the appropriate resources, and continuous monitoring can go a long way in mending a broken record. If you feel that you have not found the success you should have thus far, contact us and let us create a plan just for you.

Supporting students of all ability levels with many different academic goals is our mission and our passion. Academic Support Programs is about you and for you. There are more new and exciting things coming for Cisco College, so jump on board and let’s see where we can go.

For more information, email Lori Grubbs, Director of Academic Support, or call her at (254) 442-5022.