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Course Catalog

This catalog is an official bulletin of Cisco College and is intended to provide general information. It includes policies, regulations, procedures and fees in effect at the time of release. Cisco College reserves the right to make changes at any time to reflect current Board of Regents rules, college administrative policies and procedures, changes in federal or state law, and fee changes.

Information provided in this catalog is subject to change without notice and does not constitute a contract between Cisco College and a student, an applicant for admission, or other individual.

Students are responsible for observing the policies included here; therefore, they are urged to read this catalog carefully. This catalog does not include all college policies and procedures for which students are responsible. Students should also consult other publications, such as the Student Handbook. This catalog becomes effective on the first day of the fall term/semester, 2021.

Cisco College Spring Catalog 2021-2022

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Course Schedule

This search form allows you to search and view all of the course schedules that Cisco College currently offers. You may search for a course by department, term, or location.

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Course Types

Cisco College offers the following types of credit courses. For more information about the requirements of a specific class, please review the syllabus or contact the instructor.

  • Face to Face

    In face-to-face courses, the instructor and students are in a physical location at the same time. At least 85% of course contact hours will be face-to-face. Some instructors may also request supplemental work that uses technology, such as online assessments, homework, or discussions. (Face-to-face courses have a location/room number on the course schedule.)

  • Online

    Online courses use the college’s Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. Students access course content, interact with their instructors and peers, and submit assignments through the LMS. A minimum of 85% of instruction takes place online. Some online courses may require proctored exams at a testing center or lab attendance. (Course schedule abbreviation = ONL)

  • Hybrid

    Hybrid courses provide a blended learning experience. More than 50% but less then 85% of the course will take place using distance education resources. The remaining instruction will be delivered with the instructor and students in the same location. (Course schedule abbreviation = HYB)

  • Interactive Television (ITV)

    Interactive Television (ITV) classrooms use video conferencing tools such as cameras and microphones to provide real-time instruction at multiple locations simultaneously. ITV courses may also include an LMS or web component. (Course schedule abbreviation = ITV)

Course Syllabi

Syllabi for all Cisco College courses are available to view and download. The following syllabi are organized by Cisco College courses. Select the course you wish to view syllabi for, and you will be able to find and download syllabi for all classes in that course from the past two years.