Cisco College's Fire Academy is a comprehensive, one-year program designed to establish the information and skills necessary to work in a fire department. Topics include: fire department communications, rescue operations, fire prevention, preparedness, and maintenance.

Students participate in outdoor classroom instruction and activities that require demonstrations of fire-fighter skills and physically demanding training. Additionally, clinical learning environments are provided to gain on-the-job experience in hospitals and with various ambulance services. Emergency Medical Services Professional Training is offered at TSTC during the first semester. Instruction emphasizes medical procedures required to assess and treat victims at the scene and en route to the hospital. Evening and weekend assignments are required. Both written and performance skills are necessary for evaluation/testing.

Successful completion of the program is mandatory in order to sit for the Texas Firefighter Certification exam.

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Complete application procedure in a timely manner.

Strong GPA; courses taken and passed with a "C" or better are viewed favorably.

Formal interview with a panel.

Passing performance in the Agility Test.

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About this Program

Degrees & Certifications Program Length
Basic Firefighter Level I Certificate Three semesters

What Can This Program Do For You

  • Potential Jobs


    Fire Inspector

    Occupational Health and Safety Specialist

    Fire Investigator

    Fire Chief

  • Salary Information

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  • Basic Firefighter Level I Certificate Plan

    The Fire Academy starts annually at the beginning of each fall semester.

    First Semester (Fall)
    Held at Texas State Technical College
    Second Semester (Spring)
    Held at Cisco College
    EMSP 2237 Emergency Procedures2FIRS 1301 Firefighter Cert. I3
    EMSP 1261 Clinical - EMT2FIRS 1407 Firefighter Cert. II4
    EMSP 1501 Emergency Med. Tech - Basic5FIRS 1313 Firefighter Cert. III3
    Third Semester (Summer)
    Held at Cisco College
    FIRS 1319 Firefighter Cert. IV

    FIRS 1323 Firefighter Cert. V
    FIRS 1329 Firefighter Cert. VI
    FIRS 1433 Firefighter Cert. VII


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