Sociology seeks to answer questions about why people think and act the way they do through the study of structural and cultural patterns and social dynamics. In today's global world, employers are looking for people with the kinds of skills a study of sociology can provide: the ability to think critically, find innovative solutions to complex problems, understand and operate in diverse environments, communicate effectively, conduct research, and analyze data. Choosing sociology as a major helps students build foundational skills for navigating the social world and prepares them for transfer to a four-year college. Please see the Cisco College Course Catalog for detailed course information.

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About this Program

Degrees & Certifications Program Length
Associate of Arts Degree Four Semesters

What Can This Program Do For You

  • Potential Career Paths
    • Educator
    • Researcher
    • Program Director
    • Community Advocate
    • Marketing Consultant
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Probation Officer
    • Public Health Worker
    • Child Welfare Worker
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  • Courses

    SOCI 1301 Introductory Sociology
    Introduction to the concepts and principles used in the study of group life, social institutions and social processes. Three lecture hours per week.
    Credit: 3 semester hours

    SOCI 1306 Social Problems

    Application of sociological principles to the major problems of contemporary society such as inequality, crime and
    violence, substance abuse, deviance, or family problems. Three lecture hours per week.
    Credit: 3 semester hours

    SOCI 2301 Marriage and the Family
    Sociological examination of marriage and family life. Problems of courtship, mate selection, and marriage adjustment in modern American society. Three lecture hours per week.
    Credit: 3 semester hours

    See the Cisco College Catalog for additional course listings.

Meet the Faculty

Mary McKendree

Professor of Sociology
Cisco Campus
(254) 442-5166

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