Cisco College's Childhood Development and Early Childhood program produces knowledgeable and competent professionals to work with children from birth to 8-years of age, along with their families. Our courses provide training for caregivers or administrators in public and private schools, federal agencies, medical facilities, child care agencies, and community agencies that require individuals who understand the growth, development and needs of children.

The Child Development & Early Childhood program is a technical program beginning in Fall, Spring and Summer semesters of each year. A student receiving a degree, Level I, or Level II certificate must complete the capstone requirements. Please see pages 93-95 of the Cisco College Course Catalog for more information.


There are no special selection criteria for this program.

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About this Program

Degrees & Certifications Program Length
Associate of Applied Science Four semesters
Child Development & Early Childhood Level II Certificate Four semesters
Child Development & Early Childhood Level I Certificate Two semesters

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Meet the Faculty

Amy Cohen

Child Development & Early Childhood Instructor
(325) 794-4409

Curriculum Vitae

Debra Slaton

Professor of Education and Child Development
Cisco Campus         Abilene Campus
(254) 442-5187       (325) 794-4505

Curriculum Vitae