Canvas is a tool that Cisco College uses for digital learning. It is how online and hybrid students will access course content, interact with instructors and other students, submit assignments, and receive feedback. Some face-to-face instructors also use Canvas for supplemental learning. Along with access to courses, Canvas includes helpful links to support services, such as the library and tutoring.

Student Login Instructions

  1. Visit to access Canvas.
  2. The Username is your Cisco College Email, which follows this format:
  3. The Password is your Student ID, without the dash. If you do not know your Student ID, you can log in to Campus Connect.


Jane Doe, with Student ID (1234-56789)
Canvas Email/ Username:
Canvas Password: 123456789

  • Student Login Troubleshooting Tips
    • If you are new to Cisco College, you must register for classes before you can access Canvas.
    • After registering, it can take up to one business day for your Canvas account to be created and the classes added.
    • Use your Student ID to create both your email and password, not your Social Security Number. They are different numbers. If you don't know your Student ID, log in Campus Connect using your SSN. The Student ID is nine digits and will be in parentheses next to your name.
    • If your name includes a hyphen, apostrophe, or space, leave it out when creating your email. For instance, Jane Doe-Smith would use:
    • Double check that you are typing "students" not "student" in your email address.
    • Do not use the dash when entering your Student ID number as your password.
    • Only visit the Cisco College Canvas page: Cisco College credentials will not work on any other Canvas websites.
  • Student FAQs

    Do I need to access my Cisco College Gmail account before I can log in to Canvas?
    No, they are separate accounts. Canvas will work without using your Gmail account. However, Gmail is the default email for Canvas notifications. Additionally, you are encouraged to check your Gmail account frequently so you don't miss out on college news.

    How can I see a list of all my courses in Canvas?
    From the Canvas Global Navigation Menu, select Courses, then “All Courses.” Star published courses you would like to keep in your Course Menu/ Dashboard.

    Why can’t I see all the courses I am registered for in Canvas?
    After registering, allow up to one business day for the course(s) to be available in Canvas. If it has been more than one business day, contact

    I can see all my courses in Canvas, but I why can't I access them?
    Canvas courses are not accessible to students until the instructor publishes them. If you are taking an online class and the instructor has not published the course by 8am of the start date, email and provide the course information (ex: HIST 1302). If the course is a face-to-face class, contact the instructor directly to ask if he/she will be using Canvas.

    How do I change my Canvas password?
    Go to the Account icon in the Global Navigation Menu and then "Profile." See this tutorial for more details. If you can't remember your password and need it reset, email

    How do I access the Cisco College Libraries, Writing Center, and online tutoring in Canvas?
    All Cisco College Canvas users can access these courses by clicking on "Resources" folder in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu. Locate the link for Support Services.

    What are the technology requirements for using Canvas?
    Canvas has provided a list of browser and computer requirements. You can also visit to test your system and ensure you meet the Canvas standards. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari all are compatible with Canvas. Cisco College recommends using Google Chrome though, as it has been the most reliable overall.

  • Faculty Login Instructions

    Use your Cisco College email as the username for Canvas. Contact for the initial password and to enroll in the required training course.

  • Canvas Mobile Apps

    Canvas provides student and teacher apps for use on mobile devices. The apps are free and available to download from iOS and Android app stores. When accessing Canvas through an app, visit The login credentials will be the same as with the Canvas website.

    Canvas apps should supplement, not replace your computer. Not all features may be available in the app. Do not attempt to take quizzes or submit discussion posts with a mobile device.

Canvas Help Icon

Canvas Help

Canvas Guides: Answer all of your "How do I" questions about Canvas by visiting the Canvas Guides. Each guide has step-by-step information and images on how to use Canvas.

Canvas Student Orientation: Visit the Student Resources webpage to sign up for the free online orientation that can help you learn Canvas features.

Canvas Status Page: Receiving errors? Check if Canvas is misbehaving. Email for Canvas password resets and technical assistance if you can't find your answer in the Canvas Guides.