Current Employees

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) documentation is available on the Intranet. If you have questions, contact Karen Donoho.

The CampusConnect/FAS module gives faculty and staff the ability to use a web-based program to view all available classes and to manage courses assigned to their responsibility. This includes producing a class roster and entering grades at semester end. From the FAS menu, faculty may also access the CampusConnect/SIS module, which allows viewing a student's transcript and other student information necessary for proper advising. 

Campus Connect/FAS
Faculty must have a FAS username and password to access the system. The username is the same as the user's network username--first initial and last name. To access the SIS module and obtain information about a student, the advisor must know the student's social security number. 

*If you are having difficulty logging in, please contact (254) 442-5010. 
**If you can log in, but cannot find all your assigned classes listed under the roster option, please contact (254) 442-5134.

Forms and Information

Forms (including timesheets, I-9, W-4, etc.) are also available on the Intranet.

  • Benefits
    • Insurance
      1. Insurance Multi-Purpose Form
      2. PCP Selection Form
    • Retirement
      1. Overview of TRS & ORP options
      2. ORP
        1. Optional Retirement Program Carriers - 07 2016
      3. TRS
        1. Change of Address-Form 358f
        2. TRS Form 28 - ORP Election or Withdrawal
        3. TRS Form 6 - Request for Refund
  • Employee Forms
    • Campus Connect Pay Stub
    • Email Access
    • Payroll Voucher
    • 2018 W-4
    • Employee Information Change Form
    • Absence Report
    • Direct Deposit
    • Online W-2 Access
    • Payroll Deductions
      1. Abilene Scholarship
      2. Dinner Theater Patron Payroll Deduction Form
      3. New Horizon Campaign
      4. Salary Reduction Agreement-ORP
      5. Salary Reduction Agreement-TSA
    • Family Medical Leave Act
      1. WH 381 - Notice of Elig Rights/Responsibilities-02282015
      2. WH 380E-Cert by HC Provider-Employees Serious Health Condition-02282015
      3. WH 380F-Cert by HC Provider-Family Mbr Serious Health Condition-02282015
      4. WH 384-Cert for Qualifying Exigency for Svc Mbr-02282015
      5. WH 385-Cert for Serious Injury-Illness for Svc Mbr-02282015
    • Application for Tenure
    • Employee Tuition Waver Form 
    • Cisco College Organizational Chart
    • Employee Warning Notice
    • Hearing Procedures
    • Worker's Compensation Forms
      1. DWC - 001 Report Form
      2. Election of Benefits Form - 040502013
      3. WC - Employee Injury Report
    • Policy and Guidelines on Drug-Free Workplace - School-Campus
  • Sick Leave Pool
  • Timesheets
  • Job Descriptions


    • Accreditation Liaison
    • Dean of Business Services
    • Dean of Counseling
    • Dean of Enrollment Services
    • Dean of Student Services
    • Director of Dual Credit Programs
    • Director of Libraries
    • Director of Marketing and Public Relations
    • Executive Dean of Workforce and Economic Development
    • Executive Director of Information Technology

    Classified Non-Exempt Employees

    • Abilene Custodian
    • Accounts Payable
    • Admissions Assistant/International Student Liaison
    • Admissions Specialist Abilene
    • Abilene Campus Information and Distance Education Clerk
    • Abilene Campus Switchboard Operator-Office Clerk
    • Assistant Director of Financial Aid-Student Loan Coordinator
    • Bookstore Assistant
    • Abilene Campus Bookstore Manager
    • Bursar
    • Business Services Assistant
    • Business Services Clerk
    • Business Services Office Specialist
    • Cisco Custodian
    • Coordinator of Workforce Economic Development
    • Counseling Assistant Veterans Services Specialist
    • Financial Aid Counselor-Cisco
    • Health Sciences Assistant
    • HR-Payroll Specialist
    • Information Clerk - Abilene Campus
    • Landscape and Grounds
    • Library TA I Acquisitions-Media Cisco
    • Library TA I Abilene Part-time
    • Library TA II Media Specialist Abilene
    • Library TA III Cataloging Cisco
    • Library Tech I Circulation Cisco
    • Manager Cisco Bookstore
    • Print Shop Operator
    • Residence Hall Supervisor - Bivins
    • Residence Hall Supervisor - Cluck
    • Residence Hall Supervisor
    • Skilled Maintenance
    • Snack Bar Attendant (Weekend) Part-time
    • Snack Bar Attendant (Nighttime) Part-time
    • Snack Bar Supervisor
    • Student Life Assistant/Campus Key Coordinator
    • Student Success Programs Specialist
    • Switchboard Mailroom Clerk
    • Transcript Assistant


    • Abilene Campus Provost
    • Executive Vice President
    • President
    • Vice President of Student Services
    • Vice President of Instruction


    • Adjunct
    • ADN Faculty Teaching Assistant
    • Abilene DE Math Lab Manager
    • Agriculture Instructor Rodeo Coach
    • Assistant Football Coach
    • Coordinator of ADN Program
    • Director of Distance Ed and eLearning
    • Director of Performing Arts
    • Division Chair
    • Instructor
    • Professor
    • Professor of ADN Program
    • Respiratory Clinical Adjunct Instructor
    • Respiratory Director of Clinical Education Professor
    • Respiratory Program Director Professor
    • Retention Counselor Faculty Associate - ADN Program
    • Vocational Nursing Program Professor

    Professional Exempt Employees

    • Administrative Assistant Student Services-Coordinator of New Student Recruitment
    • Administrative Assistant for VP Learning Services
    • Administrative Assistant for IT, IR and SACS-COC
    • Abilene Branch Manager-Electronic Resources Librarian
    • Coordinator of Student Success Outreach
    • Counseling Assistant Veteran Services Specialist
    • Counselor (Allied Health-Technical Programs)
    • Counselor
    • Counselor-Special Populations Coordinator Abilene
    • Counselor-Special Populations Coordinator Cisco
    • Director of Workforce Development
    • Director of Development
    • Director of Admissions
    • Director of Assessment and Developmental Studies
    • Director of Bookstore Operations
    • Director of Campus Safety
    • Director of Dual Credit Assistant
    • Director of Financial Aid
    • Director of Human Resources
    • Director of Institutional Research
    • Director of Nursing Programs
    • Director of Operations - Abilene
    • Director of Student Activities
    • Director of Student Success Programs
    • Executive Assistant to President and the Board of Regents
    • Institutional Research Specialist
    • IT Systems Administrator
    • IT Technician
    • Library Reference and Research Assistant - Abilene
    • Library Reference and Research Cisco
    • Marketing Assistant
    • Retention Counselor Assistant
    • Technical Director
    • User Response Technician - Abilene
    • User Response Technician - Cisco
    • Vice President of Instruction Administrative Assistant

    Part-Time Positions

    • Library Technical Assistant-Serials Abilene
    • Part-time Allied Health Assistant
    • Part-time Assistant to the Director of Marketing-PR
    • Part-time Library Tech 1 Cisco Circulation
    • Security Guard - Part-time
    • Snack Bar Attendant (Weekend) Part-time
    • Snack Bar Attendant (Nighttime) Part-time
  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Training
  • New Hire Packets
  • Evaluation Documents
    • C-1 Executive Administrator Performance Evaluation
    • C-2 Administrators-Professional Employees Evaluation
    • C-3 Division Chair Evaluation
    • C-4 Employee-Classified Staff Evaluation
    • C-5 Faculty Evaluation Plan