New Employees

Welcome to the Cisco College Family! 

New Employee Orientation

New employees are expected to attend the orientation where various topics will be discussed, e.g., vision, mission, goals, values, benefits, and operational guidelines, etc. Each employee will receive an New Hire Packet to bring to orientation and assist them with the acclimation process.

  • New Hire Packets
  • Benefits of Employment

    The benefits of working in higher education are many and allow you to plan well for your future. Along with retirement savings (Teacher Retirement System or Optional Retirement Plan – for qualified positions), Cisco College offers a host of benefits available to full-time employees. They include:

    • Health
    • Optional life
    • Accidental death
    • Vision
    • Dental insurance
    • Short/long term disability
    • TexFlex - a pretax flexible spending account that can be used for out of pocket medical expenses or qualified childcare expenses.

    These plans are offered by the Texas Employees Group Benefits Plan (GBP) and administered by the Employees Retirement System of Texas (ERS).  

    For the health benefit only, member-only coverage along with $5,000 of basic term life is provided at no cost to the employee. Other coverages are selected by the employee and payment made through payroll deduction.

    Additionally, our employees are provided access to an Employee Discount Plan through our State of Texas Group Benefits Plan.  


    There are multiple benefits available to support an employee’s interest in being healthy and staying that way.  They include wellness webinars provided to us via the State of Texas Group Benefits Plan website, health and wellness plans and programs through our current Claims Administrator (United Healthcare), which includes an impressive weight loss program.

    Also available are corporate memberships with the following health clubs:

    • YMCA (Abilene and surrounding areas)
    • Fitness Today (Cisco and surrounding areas)

    Great reasons to consider joining the faculty and staff at Cisco College!

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Director of Human Resources
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