Cisco College Quality Enhancement Plan 2020-2025

Cisco College’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), Making Connections, focuses on student success, a value that is at the core of the College’s Mission and strategic plan. The QEP is designed to improve the student experience in online courses by connecting students to support resources and connecting faculty to professional development. The College has identified two goals that will be fulfilled through four actions; the actions were chosen to achieve two specific student success results, as illustrated below.

Making Connections includes 4 distinct actions the College will implement, beginning Fall 2019 and ongoing through 2024. The 4 actions are sustainable initiatives that will improve the student experience in online courses.

Progress Update:

Cisco’s QEP endured the same things the College experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic: emergency transition, scrambling, self-evaluation, re-evaluation, and above all, pivots and adaptations. While the QEP may not look quite the same, it continues to enjoy progress and promising results. Yearly progress reports are available below.