The Quality Enhancement Plan is an integral piece of the SACS-COC reaffirmation of accreditation process. It is a 5-year plan that affirms Cisco College’s commitment to enhance institutional quality by focusing on an issue that we consider important to improving student learning and student success.

Based on a review of the College’s Strategic Plan and our Institutional Effectiveness process, as well as faculty, staff and student input, we’ve identified an opportunity to enhance the quality of distance education. Our QEP aims to improve the student experience in online courses. From 2013-2017, online course offerings increased by 35%. During the same time, students taking only online courses consistently represented 10% of the enrollment, and students taking at least one course represented 34%. However, on average, 9% of online students withdrew from their courses per semester.

As students increasingly rely on online courses to pursue their educational goals, a QEP focused on improving the quality of online courses and increasing support for online students presents an opportunity to enact the College’s core values – student success and excellence. A QEP focused on improving online courses benefits online students and online faculty directly, but benefits all students and faculty indirectly by reinforcing the College’s commitment to quality instruction and student success.

Making Connections includes 4 distinct actions the College will implement, beginning Fall 2019 and ongoing through 2024. The 4 actions are sustainable initiatives that will improve the student experience in online courses.

Video - What is QEP?