Cisco College is committed to enriching the lives of its students and communities through quality educational programs and services to all individuals interested in pursuing lifelong learning opportunities. Cisco College delivers an array of innovative programs and courses through a variety of individual formats that are flexible, diverse and responsive to the needs of its public, private and corporate citizens.

Workforce Education/Continuing Education programs range from intensive instruction in skills necessary for employment at the entry level, to extending or upgrading the skills and knowledge of individuals already employed who need additional training or retraining to achieve stability or advancement in their employment.

Customized courses are available to meet specific employer needs. Programs for personal growth and development are also available. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are awarded upon satisfactory completion of certain programs.

Instructors who teach in Workforce Education/Continuing Education programs are highly trained in their fields and subjects. They are chosen with particular emphasis on their knowledge of the subjects and ability to teach and guide others to develop their maximum potential.


To Learn More about Workforce Development at Cisco College, please schedule an appointment by calling:

Taylor Estes
Coordinator of Workforce and Economic Development
(325) 794-4408


Dr. Kam Zinsser
Dean of Workforce and Economic Development
(325) 794-4411


Continuing Education

Certified Nursing Aide


  • Fast Track Welding

    This class is offered only where there is an adequate number of participation.

    Contact Rick Marks for additional information.

  • Community Continuing Education Classes

    Cisco College is offering a new course for the Fall 2019 semester: American Sign Language I.

    American Sign Language I (SLNG 1014)- American sign language (ASL) is more than just a visual communication tool for the deaf and hearing-impaired-it’s also an art form. It will provide students with the opportunity and ability to communicate with people who do not have the ability to hear or speak.

    Our Continuing Education ASL class introduces basic production and comprehension skills, including spelling and numbers. You will develop your conversational ability and be introduced to ASL grammar. With a growing demand for qualified interpreters, you could utilize this skill in a variety of settings:

     Careers
    - Public or private
    - Schools
    - Businesses
    - Health care facilities
    - Performing arts
     Moms and Dads
     Support your current major

    The class integrates and refines expressive and receptive skills in American Sign Language (ASL), including recognition of sociolinguistic variation.

    *Continuing Education-Non-Credit offering*

    Cost: $200/ student
    Date and Time: Fall Semester: Monday/Thursday at 5:30-7:00
    (August 26-December 13, 2019)
    Professor: Cassandra Knutson

    To register for the course, please contact Dr. Kam Zinsser and complete the Continuing Education Registration Form in the link below. Please bring the completed form to the Cisco College Abilene Campus.

    Cisco College Registration Form Ce

Application Procedure

To be considered for admission into a program, interested persons should:

  1. Contact Dr. Kam Zinsser for application
  2. Complete an application and turn in with required documents

Be advised that many clinical sites utilized throughout the various Health Programs at Cisco College require a background check and/or drug screen before students can participate in the clinical portion of a program.

College Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to this program must fulfill the general requirements for admission to Cisco College. The procedure for seeking admission is:

  1. Complete the Cisco College application
  2. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) - ONLY IF IT APPLIES FOR THE PROGRAM OF INTEREST.
  3. Turn in Official Transcripts / GED (All transcripts from colleges or universities previously attended are required.)
  • Prospective students should also remember that acceptance by Cisco College does not guarantee admission into specific occupational programs.
  • Additional factors considered for admission may be a satisfactory record in high school or college, placement tests and other criteria.

For additional information or to find out how your company can participate in continuing education for your employees, contact Dr. Kam Zinsser.