Canvas is a tool that Cisco College uses for online learning. In Canvas, instructors provide students with course content. Additionally, students can interact with instructors and peers, submit assignments and receive feedback, and access library services. Some face-to-face courses use Canvas as a supplementary resource.

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Canvas Help


Cisco Library, Samuel Stewart 
P: (254) 442-5011

Director of Distance Education, Sheron Caton
P: (325) 794-4480

Student Login Instructions

Username: Cisco College Email Address 

Password: Cisco College Student ID Number (NOT your Social Security Number. They are different numbers.)

After registration, all students are automatically issued a Cisco College email address that includes their first name, last name, and last four digits of the Student ID number:

For instance, if a student's name is Jane Smith and her Student ID is 1230-04567, the credentials would be:

Sample Username:

Sample Password:  123004567

  • Student Login Trouble Shooting Tips
    • Use your Student ID number to create both your email and password as described in the login instructions above, not your Social Security number. They are different numbers. If you do not know your Student ID number, you can visit Campus Connect. The number will be in bold next to your name.
    •  If your name includes a hyphen, apostrophe, or space, leave it out when creating your email. For instance, Jane Doe-Smith would use:
    • Ensure that your email address includes "students" not "student."
    • Do not use the dash when entering your Student ID number as your password.
    • Allow for processing time. After registering for the first time with Cisco College, it can take one business day for your information to be in Canvas. Registration adds/drops can also take up to 24 hours to reflect in Canvas.
    • Only visit the Cisco College Canvas page: Cisco College credentials will not work on any other Canvas login pages.
  • Faculty Login Instructions

    Faculty should use their Cisco College email as their username for Canvas and contact for the initial password.

  • Common Questions

    How do I see a list of all my courses in Canvas?
    From the Global Navigation Menu, select Courses, then “All Courses.”  Star courses you would like to keep in your Course Menu/ Dashboard.

    Why can’t I see all the courses I am registered for in Canvas?
    For courses to appear in Canvas, you must be officially enrolled with the courses visible under your schedule in Campus Connect.  After enrolling, allow at least one business day for the course to be available to you in Canvas.  If it has been more than one business day, please contact Canvas Help.

    I can see all my courses in Canvas, but I why can't I access them?
    Canvas courses are not accessible to students until the instructor publishes them.  If you are taking an online class and the instructor has not published the course by 8am of the start date, please send an email to Canvas Help and provide the course information (ex: HIST 1302).  If the course is a face-to-face class, please contact the instructor directly to ask if he/she will be using Canvas.

    How do I change my Canvas password?
    Go to the Account icon in the Global Navigation Menu and then "Profile." See this tutorial for more details. If you can't remember your password and need it reset, email

    How do I access the Cisco College Libraries, Tutoring Center, and Writing Center in Canvas?
    All Cisco College Canvas users can access these courses by clicking on "Student Resources" in the Global Navigation menu within Canvas.

    What are the technology requirements for using Canvas?
    Canvas has provided a list of computer specifications, which is viewable in the Canvas Guides. You can also visit to test your system and ensure you meet the Canvas standards. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari all are compatible with Canvas. Cisco College recommends using Google Chrome though, as it has been the most reliable overall. 

    Will Canvas work on my mobile device?
    Canvas provides an App for use on mobile devices.  The App is free and supports both iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.0+ devices.  Depending on your device, not all Canvas features may be available.  Additionally, keep in mind that mobile devices should supplement, not replace your computer. Do not attempt to take quizzes or submit discussion posts with a mobile device.  When accessing Canvas, ensure you are visiting  Accessing Canvas through a mobile browser, instead of the App is not advised because mobile browsers are not officially supported.