Cisco College offers more than 100 online and hybrid courses each year to help you achieve your degree or certificate goals. For a list of current course offerings, please visit our schedule.

  • What are Online Courses?

    Online courses use the college’s Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas. Students access course content, interact with their instructors and peers, and submit assignments through the LMS. A minimum of 85% of instruction takes place online. Some online courses may require proctored exams at a testing center or lab attendance. (Course schedule abbreviation = ONL)

  • What are Hybrid Courses?

    Hybrid courses provide a blended learning experience. More than 50% but less then 85% of the course will take place using distance education resources. The remaining instruction will be delivered with the instructor and students in the same location. (Course schedule abbreviation = HYB)

  • Is an Online Course Right for You?

    Assignments can be completed at any time, making online and hybrid courses ideal for students who struggle with attending campus-based classes. However, distance learning courses still require a weekly commitment. Students will need to create and maintain a regular schedule for reviewing course materials, completing activities, and submitting assignments. Students who are successful in distance learning courses are generally independent, self-motivated learners and comfortable with technology.

    Consider taking our Online Learning Self-Assessment to determine if online courses are a good fit for you. Additionally, we recommend easing into online learning by starting with one course. You can add more courses in future terms as you become comfortable with online learning.

New to Online Learning?
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