Interactive Television (ITV) classes are similar to traditional classes because instructors and students can see and interact with each other in real-time. However, ITV classes take place through Internet video broadcasting, so the instructor and students will be in different locations. Cisco College offers ITV rooms on both campuses, equipped with:

  • Video cameras focused on the instructor and students
  • Audio equipment, including microphones and speakers
  • Monitors and/or a projector
  • Support technology, including a control panel and PC.

Using ITV, we connect our Cisco and Abilene campuses. We also link to area high schools for dual credit classes such as Composition, Government, and History.   


Cisco College has two Zoom Rooms, providing the latest technology for video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording. Using Zoom, Cisco College can connect with ITV H.323 equipment and anyone with an Internet connection, computer, camera, and microphone.

ITV/ Zoom Room Reservations

To reserve an ITV/ Zoom room, please fill out the room request form, located under the Forms and Information section on the Current Employees page.