What is tutoring? When a student has a question or is stuck on a problem, a tutor can help guide the student through the reasoning and resources to find the solution. A tutor does not re-teach the material or review the subject material.

What do I bring to tutoring? To get the most out of tutoring, bring a good attitude because you'll only get out of it what you put into it. In addition to a readiness to work and learn, students should also bring assigments, textbooks, notes and other course resources.

What types of tutoring are available? Tutors can provide assistance in math, science, English.

Who are the tutors and what are their qualifications? Our tutoring services are performed by peer tutors (Cisco students). All peer tutors have been recommended by an instructor.

How can I become a tutor? If you're interested in becoming an instructor, download an application packet.

How do I get help if I'm not on campus? The Wrangler Tutoring Center can help you, too! Working on a paper and need some input? We can look over what you have electronically and give you feedback. Frustrated with a math problem? Our tutors can work with you via a whiteboard to explain the steps you need to take. Even if you are just unsure how to prepare for a test coming up, we want to work with you. Simply, drop us a note and we'll set up an electronic appointment for you. Once you are registered in our system, you can make your own appointments anytime. For more information or help contact Karen Donoho

What other resources are available? Check out the Success Links page for oodles of assistance.