Success Links

The following are links to websites the Student Success Programs area at Cisco College have found particularly useful.  Remember these are links to services beyond Cisco itself and content or ideas that may be presented do not represent Cisco College.  If you find any broken links, please let us know so that we may keep this area as up to date as possible.

Math assistance:
math tutoring (West Texas A & M)
use the guide bar at the left to find the specific math course you need help with and you'll find services and tutorials and practice
this is a good general site that is usually associated with English but has math help, too!
provides a range of math links to assistance for all levels of math
assistance and exercises for improvement in algebra
exercises for math and free online tutoring available
create your own worksheets for practice and additional resources for many levels of math including basic algebra

English assistance:
tons of help with all writing issues...including writers block; INCREDIBLE site (Purdue University)

writing assistance (Empire State College)
broad assistance with writing and English topics such as grammar (U of Victoria)
how to fix common grammatical problems with sentences (U of Victoria)
comprehensive assistance with writing…interactive so you can start from where you need it! (Capital Community College)
quizzes to help you with grammar! (Capital Community College)
resources to recognize and avoid plagiarism (U of Indiana)
provides summaries and character info for hundreds of classic works of literature

Research assistance:
online Encyclopedia Britannica
online dictionary
YES, google…instead of searching the 'regular' way, go to advanced options and click on Scholar link; this will allow you to research through scholarly articles

General Study assistance:
broad assistance with study tools, time management, learning styles, & other success topics
general study guide site with many, many helpful strategies
helpful & has online success seminars on several topics that are practical and free (Virginia Tech University)
academic success sites listed here (U of Indiana)
tips for better grades
calculate your GPA here with the online calculator

Science assistance:
quizzes and review for general chemistry courses (Frostburg State University)

Choosing a Major/Career:
choosing a major
what are the benefits of a college education?

Nontraditional student issues:
nontraditional students face many challenges; this site has some helpful tips
advice on improving memory and recall of information
frequently asked questions of adult learners returning to school

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