Scholarships are a tool to bring monetary substance to the table for a young lady to be a Wrangler Belle. After making the team and receiving your scholarhship you do not have to audition again for the team. After each semester, every Belle will have an individual meeting with the director. The director will discuss any concerns or suggestions with the Wrangler Belle so that she may improve herself as a team member. Each Belle must understand that dancing is not only a hobby or recreational activity, but also a job. You must fulfill your responsibility to remain eligible for your scholarship. This includes: abiding by the rules of the constitution, maintaining 12 credit hours with a 2.0, and showing a passion/respect for dance, the Belles, and their fellow team members. A Belle may be relieved of her membership and scholarship if any of these criteria are questioned.

Cisco College Wrangler Belle Scholarship Awards

Every member of the Wrangler Belles receive a generous scholarship to be a part of this prestigious team. After each and every audition, scholarships are awarded immediately following the audition. Scholarships are based upon academic and dance ability. Officers receive supplements to their scholarships. Book Scholarships are also offered to scholarship recipients until the fund is not available anymore.

"Early bird gets the worm!" The earlier a candidate auditions, the more scholarship/book is available. Don't wait until the last minute!