Lady Wrangler Softball Field:

Cisco College's softball field is located next to the baseball field at the college's athletic facility and is located off of Highway 183.

Indoor Facility:

The Kelly Kent Training Center is a 15,000 sq. ft. climate controlled indoor facility (35 yds x 45 yds).  It has wall to wall new field turf, retractable cages, indoor mounds, and is large enough to turn double plays and have catchers throw a full distance to 2nd base.  It is a one of a kind facility, and Cisco is the only juco in the region with access to a facility like this.  We DONT miss practice due to rain, snow, or cold.  

Weight Room:

The athletic weight room is located 40 yds. from the baseball dorm.  The 3000 sq/ft weight room also houses 3 racquetball courts.