College Instructors

As the ones manning the front lines of education, you see the results of College and Career Readiness as it exists today.  You are also privy to the needs of students as they embark on the next step of their educational journey.  The part you play in the College and Career Readiness Movement and Culture is important.  Your feedback and ideas will help to mold the future of College and Career Readiness.

Joining the Conversation

Be a part of the community of K-12 teachers, K-12 administration, other college instructors and college administration as we discuss the current and pressing issues related to College and Career Readiness.  Click
here to join the conversation.

Online Video Resources

Additional Online Resources

Discipline Specific Resources

The College and Career Readiness Standards are divided into four key disciplines in addition to the "Cross-Disciplinary" section - "English/Language Arts," "Mathematics," "Science," "Social Studies."  For resources focused on the implementation of the four key disciplines, click

For additional information or to share questions/concerns, contact Kim James.

CCR Terminology 

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