Faculty/Staff Directory

Abilene numbers: dial (325) 794-4XXX

Cisco numbers: dial (254) 442-5XXX

Email: firstname.lastname@cisco.edu 

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Abel, Sandy
Adjunct Instructor - Music
Abilene   sandy.abel@cisco.edu
Abilene Bookstore

Abilene 4451  
Abilene Front Desk

Abilene 4480
Abilene Business Office

Abilene 4404
Adams, Cheryl
Instructor - Vocational Nursing
Abilene 4565 cheryl.adams@cisco.edu
Adkins, Kathy
Adjunct Instructor - English
Abilene   kathy.adkins@cisco.edu
Allen, Janet
Dorm Supervisor - Memorial Hall 
Cisco   janet.allen@cisco.edu
Allen, Matt
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Welding
Jim Ned   matt.allen@cisco.edu
Allen, Russell
Adjunct Instructor - Auto Tech
Abilene   russell.allen@cisco.edu
Anderson, Robert
Director of Plant Operations
Cisco 5199 robert.anderson@cisco.edu
Anderson, Janna
Information/Distance Education Clerk 
Abilene 4480 janna.anderson@cisco.edu
Bacon, Melinda
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Wylie   melinda.bacon@cisco.edu
Baird, Phyllis
Cisco   phyllis.baird@cisco.edu
Baker, Debbie
Director of Wrangler Belles
Division Chair of Performing Activities
Cisco  5140  debbie.baker@cisco.edu 
Bartee, Terra
Professor, Psychology
Barton, Debbie
Professor, Biology
Cisco 5163 debbie.barton@cisco.edu
Batteas, Renee
Cisco 5123 renee.batteas@cisco.edu
Beggs, Anthony
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Welding
Coleman   anthony.beggs@cisco.edu
Bell, Tom
Professor - English
Abilene 4473 tom.bell@cisco.edu
Berry, Jackie
Cisco 5046 jackie.berry@cisco.edu
Berry, James
Professor - Criminal Justice
Abilene 4434 james.berry@cisco.edu
Berry, Kaitlin
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
5013  kaitlin.berry@cisco.edu 
Best, Charles
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - History
Gorman   charles.best@cisco.edu
Bilbrey, Richard
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene   richard.bilbrey@cisco.edu
Blackerby, Leslie
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Math
Breckenridge   leslie.blackerby@cisco.edu
Blackstock, JoyRenee
Adjunct Instructor - Music
Cisco   joyrenee.blackstock@cisco.edu
Blackstock, Landry
Adjunct Instructor - Dev. Reading/Writing
Abilene   landry.blackstock@cisco.edu
Bleiker, Hillary
Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Abilene    hillary.bleiker@cisco.edu
Bond, Tammy
Adjunct Instructor - Pharmacy Tech
Abilene   tammy.bond@cisco.edu
Boudreau, Larry Duane
Adjunct Welding
Abilene   larry.boudreau@cisco.edu
Boyd, Carter
Cisco 5046 carter.boyd@cisco.edu
Boyd, Glennis
Professor - BCIS
Braddock, Justin
Assistant Baseball Coach 
5033  justin.braddock@cisco.edu
Bralley, Tianay
Director of Dual Credit
Abilene 4510 tianay.bralley@cisco.edu
Bray, Carl
Professor - Math/Physics
5186 carl.bray@cisco.edu
Brixey, Janie
Professor - Biology
Abilene 4418 janie.brixey@cisco.edu
Brookey, Cindy
Professor - English
Abilene 4419 cindy.brookey@cisco.edu
Brooks, Kathleen
Dual Credit Instructor - English
Abilene   kathleen.brooks@cisco.edu
Brown, Teri
Health Sciences Assistant
Abilene 4415 teri.brown@cisco.edu
Broyles, Kristi
Payroll Specialist - HR
Cisco 5107 kristi.broyles@cisco.edu
Bruce, Les
Adjunct Criminal Justice Dual Credit 
Abilene   les.bruce@cisco.edu
Brunett, John
Adjunct - Fire Technology 
Abilene    john.brunett@cisco.edu 
Bryan, Cassie
ADN Professor 
Abilene   cassie.bryan@cisco.edu
Burchell, Sherry
Career Services Coordinator
Abilene 4464 sherry.burchell@cisco.edu
Burt, Jordan (Keppel)
Library Manager
Abilene    jordan.burt@cisco.edu 
Butler, Sherry
Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Math
Abilene   sherry.butler@cisco.edu
Cafeteria Cisco

Call, Roy
Instructor - Auto Tech
Abilene 4425  roy.call@cisco.edu
Callan, Amy
Counselor - Allied Health & Tech, Prof - Child Dev.
Abilene 4409 amy.callan@cisco.edu
Caraway, John
Professor - History
4546 john.caraway@cisco.edu
Carlile, Diane
Director of Student Activities
Cisco 5135 diane.carlile@cisco.edu

Carney, Vicki
Library Tech Assistant I
Cisco 5025 vicki.carney@cisco.edu

Carpenter, Paula
Testing Center Coordinator
Cisco 5020 paula.carpenter@cisco.edu
Carson, Rebecca
Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Abilene   rebecca.carson@cisco.edu
Castleman, Deborah
Counselor - Special Populations Specialist
Abilene 4406 deborah.castleman@cisco.edu
Caton, Sheron
Director of Distance Education & eLearning/VCT Coord
Abilene 4530  sheron.caton@cisco.edu
Cecilio (Peloquin), Chrissy
Bookstore Assistant
Abilene  4451 christine.cecilio@cisco.edu 
Ceniceros, Justin
Professor - Biology
Cisco 5185 justin.ceniceros@cisco.edu
Chambers, Lance
Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Cisco   lance.chambers@cisco.edu
Chandrasekharan, Nirmala
Professor - Chemistry
Cisco Bookstore Cisco 5138

Clark, Donna
Director of Library Services
Cisco 5026  donna.clark@cisco.edu
Clark, Samantha
Nursing Programs  
Abilene    samantha.clark@cisco.edu 
Clausen, Al
Professor - Economics

Clemons, Jerry
Professor - Mathematics
Division Chair of Math & Sciences

Abilene 4424 jerry.clemons@cisco.edu
Cluck Residence Hall

Cisco 5093
Cockerell, Ashley
Comer, Natalie
Financial Aid Counselor
Abilene 4412 natalie.comer@cisco.edu
Cook, Angie
Professor - English
Division Chair of Liberal Arts

Abilene 4426 angie.cook@cisco.edu
Cooksey, Dusty
Adjunct Instructor - Philosophy
Abilene   dusty.cooksey@cisco.edu
Corbett, Jim
Adjunct Instructor - Auto Tech

Cisco 5055
Cowart, Aaron
Adjunct Instructor - Refrigeration/AC
Abilene    aaron.cowart@cisco.edu 
Cowart, Ronald
Instructor - Refrigeration/AC
Abilene   ron.cowart@cisco.edu
Craig, Michael (Chris)
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene   christopher.craig@cisco.edu
Cumby, Judy
Adjunct Instructor - Dev. Reading/Writing
Abilene   judy.cumby@cisco.edu
Cunningham, Tom
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Criminal Justice
Abilene   tom.cunningham@cisco.edu
Cunningham, Tracey
Adjunct Vocational Nurse Instructor 
Abilene   tracey.cunningham@cisco.edu
Cusson, Melody
Respiratory Therapy Program Director
Abilene 4506 melody.cusson@cisco.edu
Custred, Sheree
Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Abilene   sheree.custred@cisco.edu 


Dalton, Robert
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Criminal Justice
Clyde   robert.dalton@cisco.edu
Davis, Dessie
Adjunct English Instructor 
Winter HS   dessie.davis@cisco.edu
Dean, Leslie
Head Coach - Softball
Cisco 5015 leslie.dean@cisco.edu
Dembach, Patrick
Adjunct Instructor - English/German
Abilene   pat.dembach@cisco.edu
Dempsey, Herman (Brack)
Adjunct Instructor - Criminal Justice
Abilene   herman.dempsey@cisco.edu
Dispo, Elaine
Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Abilene   elaine.dispo@cisco.edu
Dodson, Jerry
Vice President for Student Services
Cisco 5152 jerry.dodson@cisco.edu
Donahue, Patrick
Adjunct Instructor - Industrial Technology
Abilene   patrick.donahue@cisco.edu
Donoho, Karen
Administrative Assistant for IT, IR & SACSCOC
Cisco 5008 karen.donoho@cisco.edu
Dorn, Pam
Professor - Vocational Nursing
Abilene 4437 pam.dorn@cisco.edu
Dove, Shirley
Director of Enrollment Services/Registrar
Cisco 5134 shirley.dove@cisco.edu
Dupree, Carol
Provost/Chief Academic Officer
Abilene 4401 carol.dupree@cisco.edu
Dwigans, Amy
Adjunct Instructor - Vocational Nursing
Abilene   amy.dwigas@cisco.edu
Dycus, Leigh
Cisco 5023 leigh.dycus@cisco.edu
Eddleman, Don
Ag Instructor/Rodeo Coach
Cisco 5012  don.eddleman@cisco.edu
Elliott, Bert
Adjunct Instructor - DE Math
Cisco   bert.elliott@cisco.edu
Elliott, Kindra
Professor - Vocational Nursing
Abilene   kindra.elliott@cisco.edu
Farmer, Amanda
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Breckenridge   amanda.farmer@cisco.edu
Farmer, Tom
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Welding
Clyde   tom.farmer@cisco.edu
 Fine, Diane
Bookstore Clerk
Abilene   diane.fine@cisco.edu
Finley, James
Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Fitness Center

Cisco 5141  
Frazier, Kenneth
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Math
Cisco HS   kenneth.frazier@cisco.edu
Fry, Leigh Ann
Adjunct Instructor - Childcare/Early Childhood
Gaddy, Stace
Professor - Theater
Cisco 5019 stace.gaddy@cisco.edu
Gallegos, George
Cisco 5046 george.gallegos@cisco.edu
Garcia, Michael
Athletic Training
Cisco 5064 michael.garcia@cisco.edu
Garrett, Shelli
Accounts Payable Specialist - HR
Cisco 5122
Gates, Robert
Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Cisco   robert.gates@cisco.edu
Gibson, Mark
Presidents Hall Supervisor/Assistant Football Coach
Cisco    mark.gibson@cisco.edu 
Golson, Randy
Professor - History and Government
Abilene 4563 randy.golson@cisco.edu
Gomez, Jose
Adjunct Instructor - Spanish
Abilene   jose.gomez@cisco.edu
Gonzales, Linda
Adjunct Instructor - Nursing Programs
Abilene   linda.gonzales@cisco.edu
Green, Jessie
Defensive Coordinator
Cisco 5177  jessie.green@cisco.edu 
Gregory, Samantha
Adjunct Instructor - Childcare/Early Childhood 
Abilene    samantha.gregory@cisco.edu
Grissom, Kendra
Adjunct Instructor - Biology 
Abilene    kendra.grissom@cisco.edu
Grubbs, Lori
Director of Student Success Programs & Transition Ctrs
Guthrie, Montie
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Government
Abilene   montie.guthrie@cisco.edu



Hagood, William
Instructor - History
Cisco 5164 william.hagood@cisco.edu
Hale, Duane
Professor - History
Abilene 4428 duane.hale@cisco.edu
Harris, Link
Abilene 4405 link.harris@cisco.edu
Harrison, Kendall
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - History
Wylie HS   kendall.harrison@cisco.edu
Hayhurst, Vicki
Adjunct Instructor - Childcare/Early Childhood
Abilene   vicki.hayhurst@cisco.edu
Heaps, Katie
Adjunct Instructor - Spanish and History
Abilene     katie.heaps@cisco.edu 
Help Desk - IT Department
5010 helpdesk@cisco.edu
Heller, Victor
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene    victor.heller@cisco.edu
Henry, Melissa
Financial Aid
Cisco 5128 melissa.henry@cisco.edu
Henson, Jesse
Cisco 5046 jesse.henson@cisco.edu
Hernandez, Raymond
Abilene 4520 raymond.hernandez@cisco.edu
Hetrick, Scott
Professor - Auto Tech
Cisco 5156 scott.hetrick@cisco.edu
Hicks, Heather
Professor - English
SACSCOC Liaison 
Abilene 4460 heather.hicks@cisco.edu
Hill, Whitney
Adjunct Instructor - Business Management
Abilene   whitney.hill@cisco.edu
Hitt, Michael
Adjunct Instructor - Business Systems Technology
Abilene   michael.hitt@cisco.edu
Hogan, Betty
Library Technical Assistant III
Cisco 5183 betty.hogan@cisco.edu
Hogan, Kenneth
Adjunct Instructor - Real Estate
Abilene   kenneth.hogan@cisco.edu
Holton, Ginger
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Agriculture
Cisco HS   ginger.holton@cisco.edu
Hood, LexAnn
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Biology
ACHS   lex.hood@cisco.edu
Horton, Stephen
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene    stephen.horton@cisco.edu 
Houston, Scott
Band Assistant
Cisco   scott.houston@cisco.edu
Hughes, Stephanie
Adjunct Instructor - Criminal Justice
Abilene   stephanie.hughes@cisco.edu
Humiston, Jarrod
IT Technician 
Cisco  5010 jarrod.humiston@cisco.edu 
Hutchins, Michelle
Allied Health Assistant 
Abilene 4575 michelle.hutchins@cisco.edu
Hutchins, Ronnie
Professor - Nursing
Abilene    ronnie.hutchins@cisco.edu
Hutt, Jason
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - History
Jim Ned HS   jason.hutt@cisco.edu
Jackson, Beatrice
Professor - Biology
Abilene 4512 elsie.jackson@cisco.edu
Jackson, Beth
Professor - Mathematics
Abilene 4468 beth.jackson@cisco.edu
Jackson, David
Professor - Mathematics
Abilene 4471 david.jackson@cisco.edu
Jacobs, Bethney
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Cisco HS   bethney.jacobs@cisco.edu
Java City

Abilene 4501  
Jay, Amber
Residence Hall Supervisor/Assistant Volleyball Coach 
Cisco   amber.jay@cisco.edu
Johns, Tracey
AEC Information Clerk
Abilene 4480 tracey.johns@cisco.edu
Johnson, Ryan
Dean of Student life & Athletic Director 
Cisco 5173 ryan.johnson@cisco.edu
Johnson, Steven
Adjunct Instructor - Biology Lab
Abilene   steve.johnson@cisco.edu
Jones, Kimberly
Adjunct Instructor - Education 
Abilene   kim.jones@cisco.edu
Jordan, Charles
Adjunct Instructor - Chemistry
Abilene    charles.jordan@cisco.edu
Karlin, Robert
Instructor - DE Math
Abilene 4571 robert.karlin@cisco.edu
Kaska, Kyndall
Math Lab Instructor
Cisco 5149 kyndall.kaska@cisco.edu
Keith, Melinda
Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Math
Abilene   melinda.keith@cisco.edu
Kemp, Deborah
Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Abilene   deborah.kemp@cisco.edu
Kennedy, Kathy
Professor - Government
Abilene 4442 kathy.kennedy@cisco.edu
Kim, Hae "Sean"
Nursing Retention Specialist
Abilene   sean.kim@cisco.edu
King, Sharon
Interim Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning
Cisco 5136 sharon.king@cisco.edu
Kochanek, Dawn
Professor - Biology
Abilene 4515 dawn.kochanek@cisco.edu
Kruse, Destiny
Adjunct Instructor - Chemistry Lab 
Cisco   destiny.kruse@cisco.edu
Landenberger, Gaye
Assistant System Administrator - IT
Cisco 5142 gaye.landenberger@cisco.edu
Laurence, Beth
Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Math
Abilene   beth.laurence@cisco.edu
Lavender, Bonnie
Print Shop
Cisco 5170 bonnie.lavender@cisco.edu
Laws, Zane
Professor - Biology
Abilene 4461 zane.laws@cisco.edu
Leach, Mike
Abilene   mike.leach@cisco.edu
Leath, Renee
Student Success Specialist
Abilene 4439 renee.leath@cisco.edu
Lee, Jackie
Adjunct Instructor - Childcare/Early Childhood
Abilene   jackie.lee@cisco.edu
Leota, Auauna
Presidents Hall Supervisor/Assistant Football Coach
Cisco    auauna.leota@cisco.edu  
Library - Abilene

Abilene 4481  
Library - Cisco

Cisco 5026  
Little, Aurie
International Student Liaison 
Cisco 5131 aurie.little@cisco.edu
Looper, Cathy
Adjunct Instructor - Medical Assistant
Abilene   cathy.looper@cisco.edu
Luna, Toni
Financial Aid Counselor
Abilene 4413 toni.luna@cisco.edu
Lunceford, Rhonda
Bookstore Assistant
Cisco 5138 rhonda.lunceford@cisco.edu


Mabry, Gary
Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Abilene    gary.mabry@cisco.edu
Maintenance Cisco 5046

Marks, Jerry
Instructor - Welding
Abilene   jerry.marks@cisco.edu
Marks, Rick
Professor & Division Chair - Industrial Technology
Abilene  4449 rick.marks@cisco.edu
Martin, Nelda
Adjunct Instructor - Business Systems Technology
Martinez, Manuel
Band Director
Cisco 5125 manuel.martinez@cisco.edu
Massey, Beverly
Director of Purchasing & Payment Services
Cisco 5116 beverly.massey@cisco.edu
Massey, Erica
Student Life Assistant/Campus Key Coordinator 
Cisco  5178  erica.massey@cisco.edu 
Matson, Linnea
Cisco   5118  linnea.matson@cisco.edu 
Maxwell, Tonya
Instructor - Cosmetology
Cisco   tonya.maxwell@cisco.edu
Mazey, Jennifer
Surgical Technology Program Director
Abilene 4436 jennifer.mazey@cisco.edu
McAden, Jon
Adjunct Instructor - Industrial Technology
Abilene    jon.mcaden@cisco.edu 
McCandless, Timothy
IT Technician
Abilene   5010  timothy.mccandless@cisco.edu 
McClellan, Michael
Adjunct Instructor - History
Abilene   michael.mcclellan@cisco.edu
McClure, William
Instructor - English
Abilene   will.mcclure@cisco.edu
McDaniel, J.C.
Professor - Mathematics
Abilene 4546 jc.mcdaniel@cisco.edu
McDaniel, Norma
Admissions.Transcript Assistant 
Abilene 5108 norma.mcdaniel@cisco.edu
McKendree, Mary
Adjunct Instructor - Sociology
Cisco 5166  mary.mckendree@cisco.edu
McQueen, Julie
Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Math
Abilene   julie.mcqueen@cisco.edu
Memorial Residence Hall

Cisco 5094  
Merritt, Pearl
Dean of Nursing/Reg Dean of Nursing - TTUHSC
Abilene 4437 pearl.merritt@cisco.edu
Meyer, Kelly
Dept. Head - Allied Health 7 Pharm Tech Program Dir.
Abilene 4441 kelly.meyer@cisco.edu
Miller, Mike
Adjunct Fire Technology Instructor
Abilene    mike.miller@cisco.edu
Miller, Randall
Instructor - Business Systems Tech & History
Abilene 4478 randall.miller@cisco.edu
Mitchell, Teresa
Adjunct VN Instructor 
Abilene   teresa.mitchell@cisco.edu
Montgomery, Martha
Director of Development
Cisco 5114 martha.montgomery@cisco.edu
Moody, Wanda
Professor - DE English/Reading
Cisco 5179 wanda.moody@cisco.edu
Moore, Carin
Adjunct Instructor - Real Estate
Abilene   carin.moore@cisco.edu
Moore, Dustin
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Welding
Wylie HS   dustin.moore@cisco.edu
Moore, Susan
Volleyball Coach/Professor - Kinesiology
Cisco 5004 susan.moore@cisco.edu
Moreno, Anna
Adjunct Instructor - Music 
Cisco    anna.moreno@cisco.edu 
Morrison, Katherine
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Psychology
Abilene    katherine.morrison@cisco.edu
Morrow, Jessica
Instructor - DE Math Lab
Abilene   jessica.morrow@cisco.edu
Muller, Katherine
Professor - Accounting/DE Math
Cisco 5160 katherine.muller@cisco.edu
Mullinax, Catherine
Professor - English
Cisco 5171 catherine.mullinax@cisco.edu
Mullinax, Sue
Adjunct Instructor - Art 
Cisco   sue.mullinax@cisco.edu
Nance Residence Hall 1st Floor

Cisco 5044  
Nance Residence Hall 2nd Floor

Cisco 5045  
Nethery, Bob
Adjunct DE Math Instructor 
Abilene    bob.nethery@cisco.edu
Nichols, Michele
Adjunct Instructor - Biology
Albany   michele.nichols@cisco.edu
Nobles, Heidi
Adjunct Instructor - English
Abilene     heidi.nobles@cisco.edu 
Norton, Jon
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Biology/Chemistry
Albany HS   jon.norton@cisco.edu
Odom, Olin
Adjunct Economics/Business Instructor
Odom, Rebecca
Adjunct Instructor - Writing Center
Cisco   rebecca.odom@cisco.edu
Page, Pam
Director of Human Resources
Cisco 5121 pam.page@cisco.edu
Paredes, Julie
Administrative Assistant for Dual Credit
Abilene 4503 julie.paredes@cisco.edu
Peloquin-Cecilio, Chrissy
Bookstore Assistant
Abilene  4451


Perez, Yvonne
Adjunct Instructor - Math
Abilene    yvonne.perez@cisco.edu 
Perrydore, Matthew
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene   matthew.perrydore@cisco.edu
Peters, Nebra
Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Abilene   nebra.peters@cisco.edu
Peterson, Jennifer
Adjunct Instructor - Psychology
Abilene   jennifer.peterson@cisco.edu
Phillips, Dillon
Band Dorm Supervisor
Cisco   dillon.phillips@cisco.edu
Pilot, Lewis
Adjunct Instructor - Music
Abilene   lewis.pilot@cisco.edu
Pipkin, Deanna
Snack Bar
Cisco 5137 deanna.pipkin@cisco.edu
Pipkin, Morgan
Wrangler Hall Dorm Supervisor 
Cisco   morgan.pipkin@cisco.edu
Pitman, Barbara
VA Services Specialist/Counselor
Abilene 4465 barbara.pitman@cisco.edu
Porter, Kari
Admissions Specialist
Cisco 5132 kari.porter@cisco.edu
Powell, Steve
Executive Director of Information Technology
Cisco 5133 steve.powell@cisco.edu
President's Hall 1st Floor Cisco
President's Hall 2nd Floor

Cisco 5042  
Prichard, Jennifer
Adjunct Instructor - History
Abilene    jennifer.prichard@cisco.edu 
Rabb, Sydni
Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Regents
Cisco 5113 sydni.rabb@cisco.edu
Reedy, Samantha
PT Library Tech Assistant 1
Abilene   samantha.reedy@cisco.edu
Reeves, Gina
Cisco 5046  
Reeves, Homer
Adjunct Instructor - Music 
Abilene   homer.reeves@cisco.edu
Reeves, Jesse
Cisco 5046  
Regian, David
Grounds Maintenance 
Cisco   david.regian@cisco.edu
Reynolds, Lisa
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Biology
Cisco HS   lisa.reynolds@cisco.edu
Rickman, Diane
Adjunct Instructor - Nursing Programs
Abilene   diane.rickman@cisco.edu
Rieger, Jessica
Adjunct Instructor - Developmental Math
Abilene   jessica.rieger@cisco.edu
Rinicker, Ashley
Adjunct Instructor
Abilene   ashley.rinicker@cisco.edu
Robbins, Kay
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - History
ACHS   kay.robbins@cisco.edu
Robertson, Tori
Admissions Specialist 
Abilene 4403 tori.robertson@cisco.edu

Football Assistant
Cisco 5176
Roeder, Tracy
AEC Operations Director
Abilene 4402 tracy.roeder@cisco.edu
Rodriguez, John
Grounds and Landscaping
Cisco   john.rodriguez@cisco.edu
Rogers, Dorothy
Business Office
Cisco 5035 dorothy.rogers@cisco.edu
Rolison, Crystal
Professor - Speech
Abilene 4422 crystal.church@cisco.edu
Rolison, Richard
Adjunct Instructor - Government
Abilene   richard.rolison@cisco.edu
Ruppert, Marlene
Instructor - VN Program
Abilene   marlene.ruppert@cisco.edu
Rust, Randy
Cisco   randy.rust@cisco.edu


Sartor, Stephanie
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Math
Merkel HS    stephanie.sartor@cisco.edu 
Schaefer, Keri
Adjunct Instructor - English
Schaefer, AnnMarie
Adjunct Nursing Instructor

Sellers, Linda
Director of Financial Aid
Sharpe, Kaleb
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Cisco   kaleb.sharpe@cisco.edu
Shoemake, Jennifer
Professor - Sociology 
4549 jennifer.shoemake@cisco.edu
Short, Steven
Adjunct Instructor - Welding 
Abilene ISD    steven.short@cisco.edu 
Shott, Amy
Business Office
Cisco 5119 amy.shott@cisco.edu
Shreve, Michael
Cisco   michael.shreve@cisco.edu
Sigler, Brian
Assistant System Administrator - IT
Abilene 5010 brian.sigler@cisco.edu
Sims, Danny
Adjunct Instructor - Speech
Cisco   danny.sims@cisco.edu
Slaton, Debra
Department Head - Education & Child Development
Smith, Robert
Adjunct Instructor - Geology
Abilene   robert.smith@cisco.edu
Sowell, Jackie
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Coleman HS   jackie.sowell@cisco.edu
Speegle, Charlotte
Executive Dean for Workforce Ed & Economic Development
Abilene 4411 charlotte.speegle@cisco.edu
Spetter, Linda
Professor - English
Cisco 5043 linda.spetter@cisco.edu
Stanford, Charles
Library TA II Media Specialist 
Abilene 4466  charles.stanford@cisco.edu
Starlin, Marvella
Director of Nursing Programs
Abilene 4456 marvella.starlin@cisco.edu
Starnes, Beverly
Adjunct Instructor - Writing Center
Abilene 4400 beverly.starnes@cisco.edu
Stenseth, Lorelei
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Merkel HS
Cross Plains HS
Stephenson, Dana
PT Security Guard
Stewart, Samuel
Library Reference Assistant/ILL
Cisco 5011 samuel.stewart@cisco.edu
Stirling, Adam
Adjunt Instructor - Childcare/Early Childhood
Abilene   adam.stirling@cisco.edu
Stone, Stacie
Abilene Bookstore Manager
Abilene 4451 stacie.stone@cisco.edu
Straw, Rod
Skilled Maintenance 
Cisco   rod.straw@cisco.edu
Stroebel, Roland
Professor - Mathematics
Student Success Programs Office

Student Union Building

Cisco 5137  
Swonger, Larry
Fire Academy Coordinator
Abilene   larry.swonger@cisco.edu
Talley, Tracy
Director of Clinical Education
Abilene   tracy.talley@cisco.edu
Tarver, Dalena
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Spanish
Clyde HS   dalena.tarver@cisco.edu
Tate, Curtis
Adjunct Instructor - History
Abilene   curtis.tate@cisco.edu
Taylor, Amber
Head Coach - Women's Basketball 
Cisco  5174  amber.taylor@cisco.edu 
Taylor, Audra
Dean of Business Services
Cisco 5117 audra.taylor@cisco.edu
Taylor, Misty
Cisco 5024 misty.taylor@cisco.edu
Taylor, Ryan
Assistant Football Coach
5049  ryan.taylor@cisco.edu 
Terry, Brandi
Professor - Agriculture
Abilene 4455 brandi.terry@cisco.edu
Thompson, Douglas
Adjunct Instructor - History
Abilene   douglas.thompson@cisco.edu
Thompson, Michael
Adjunct Instructor - Criminal Justice
Abilene   michael.thompson@cisco.edu
Thompson, Russell
Head Football Coach
Cisco  5030 russell.thompson@cisco.edu 
Thurman, Faith
Women's Soccer Coach
Cisco 5505 faith.thurman@cisco.edu
Tighe, Roger
Director of Campus Safety 
Cisco 5034  roger.tighe@cisco.edu
Torres, Kimberly
Professor - English
Abilene 4535 kimberly.torres@cisco.edu
Torrez, Angelia
Program Director - Medical Assistant
Abilene 4575 angelia.torrez@cisco.edu
Transcript Clerk
Admissions Office
Cisco 5108
Trotter, Katherine
Professor - Art
Abilene   katherine.trotter@cisco.edu
Trussell, David
Professor - Government & History
Abilene 4465 david.trussell@cisco.edu
Velasquez, Edward
Abilene 4520  
Vieau, Penny
Adjunct Instructor - Kinesiology
Abilene   penny.vieau@cisco.edu
Vigil, Arturo
Adjunct Instructor - BCIS
Abilene   arturo.vigil@cisco.edu
Villarreal, Teresa
Professor of Developmental English & Reading 
Abilene   teresa.villarreal@cisco.edu
Vincent, Jeanette
Professor - Vocational Nursing
Abilene 4445 jeanette.vincent@cisco.edu
Walker, Kirk
Cluck Hall Supervisor/Assistant Baseball Coach 
Cisco    kirk.walker@cisco.edu 
Ward, Stephen
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene   steve.ward@cisco.edu
Waters, Tammy
Financial Aid Counselor 
Cisco 5153 tammy.waters@cisco.edu

Assistant Football Coach
Cisco 5040
Webb, Cindy
Adjunct Instructor - Education
Cisco   cindy.webb@cisco.edu
Webster, Linda
Cisco 5000 linda.webster@cisco.edu
Whitcomb, Kathryn
Adjunct Instructor - Nursing
Abilene   kathryn.whitcomb@cisco.edu
White, David
Baseball Coach - Professor of Kinesiology
Cisco 5172 david.white@cisco.edu
White, Laura
Business Services Specialist
Abilene 4404 laura.white@cisco.edu
White, Marla
Financial Aid Counselor
Cisco 5150 marla.white@cisco.edu
White, Shae
Coordinator of New Student Recruitment
Cisco 5127 shae.white@cisco.edu
Widener, Terri
Cisco Bookstore Manager
Cisco 5138 terri.widener@cisco.edu
Williams, Bobby
Adjunct Instructor - Welding
Abilene    bobby.williams@cisco.edu 
Williams, Jeremy
Adjunct Instructor - Fire Technology
Abilene    jeremy.williams@cisco.edu 
Williams, Jessica
Adjunct Instructor - Medical Assisting
Abilene   jessica.williams@cisco.edu
Williams, Justin
Adjunct Instructor - Biotechnology
Abilene   justin.williams@cisco.edu
Williams, Linda
Adjunct Instructor - Accounting
Abilene   linda.williams@cisco.edu
Winter, Michael
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - English
Rising Star HS
Moran HS
Wise, Sarah
Professor - Biology
Abilene 4459 sarah.wise@cisco.edu
Wombles, Kim
Professor - English
Abilene 4570 kim.wombles@cisco.edu
Wright, Brooke
Adjunct Dual Credit Instructor - Biology
Clyde HS   brooke.yarbrough@cisco.edu
Wright, Jackie
Evening Snack Bar Attendant
Cisco   jackie.wright@cisco.edu
Wright, Kathie
Professor - Psychology
Abilene 4427 kathie.wright@cisco.edu
Young, Becky
Assistant to the Provost/CAO
Abilene 4457 becky.young@cisco.edu