Social Science

Cisco College offers courses in Education, Fine Arts, History, Humanities, Government, Sociology and Speech. Programs of study lead to an Associate of Arts Degree and are designed for transfer to a state-supported college or university.

In addition, the college offers the Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) degree. The AAT degree is an approved collegiate degree program consisting of lower-division courses intended for transfer to baccalaureate programs that lead to initial Texas teacher certification. The AAT degree as defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is fully transferable to all Texas public universities. For more information about the AAT, click here.



  • Alicia Biagioni
  • Kathy Kennedy
  • David Trussell
  • Clay Wiegand


  • Duane Hale
  • Jack Matthews
  • David Trussell
  • John Caraway
  • William Haygood


  • Blu Cooksey


  • Terra Bartee
  • Kathie Wright


  • Jennifer Shoemake