Mission and Philosophy Statements

The mission of Cisco College is to provide high-quality learning opportunities that promote student success in an ever-changing global environment. 

Cisco College seeks to encourage life-long learning and enhance the quality of life in the communities it serves by maintaining an open-door admissions policy and providing a comprehensive array of learning, service, and life experiences that will motivate and challenge students. In order to meet the needs of a diverse constituency, the College offers a variety of programs and courses in academic higher education, workforce development, and personal growth development. Faculty participate in continued professional development with a commitment to research and innovation as a basis for curriculum development. Associate’s degrees designed for transfer to a university, associate’s degrees and certificates designed for direct entry into the workforce, and opportunities for job skills continuing education and personal life enrichment are all a part of the dynamic offerings found at Cisco College. Support services complement the focus on learning and assist the faculty in helping students pursue their educational goals at Cisco College. Developmental studies designed to help students prepare for college-level course work and a variety of student success programs are instrumental in providing students with a strong foundation for achieving their goals.

As a member of the Texas state system of publicly supported institutions of higher education, Cisco College provides the educational programs and supporting activities prescribed by the Texas Legislature, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, and the Cisco College Board of Regents. The College seeks to be effective in accomplishing its mission by employing an institutional effectiveness program of learning, assessment, planning, evaluation, and improvement activities.


Vision Goals

Offer Life-long Learning Opportunities
Offer high-quality, life-long learning opportunities in academic transfer programs, career and technical programs, continuing workforce development, developmental college-preparatory course work, faculty and staff development, and personal enrichment. 

Focus on Students
Focus on students through caring and responsive faculty and staff and through support services that promote access, opportunity and student success.

Provide a Life-long Learning Environment
Provide an environment with appropriate facilities, resources, and staffing that support the life-long learning mission of the college. 

Enhance Quality of Life
Initiate programs, activities and opportunities that enhance quality of life, encourage tolerance for diversity, engage in the service of others, and partner with the community to meet various educational needs. 


Ethics and Philosophy 

At Cisco College, ethical standards and a commitment to excellence are the foundations for creating an environment of life-long learning. The college is committed to fulfilling its mission by providing a positive, encouraging and success-oriented environment. All members of the college community are encouraged to act with mutual respect, integrity and professionalism towards one another and when representing the college to the greater community. College policies that support innovation, sponsor collaboration, maintain open communication, encourage students and employees to adapt to change, call for efficient and effective use of college resources, and promote and protect the rights of each individual in the college community are enforced. This includes freedom from harassment and freedom for students and employees to develop and learn. Cisco College adheres to both state and federal regulations and policies and accepts its responsibilities to students, employees, and the taxpaying citizens of Texas. The college strives to meet these responsibilities with fairness, accountability and integrity.


Guiding Principles

The principles that guide our expectations of learning and working together at Cisco College reflect our values as a community of learners and educators. The college’s commitment to ethical standards is demonstrated through these principles.

  • Learning - We believe an emphasis on teaching and learning should be the guiding force behind everything we do at Cisco College.
  • Respect - We respect and value each and every student and employee as a unique individual making an important contribution to the College.
  • Integrity - We work and interact with honesty, integrity, and mutual trust—looking beyond self interests and without hidden agendas.
  • Communication - We listen carefully and communicate respectfully, giving genuine consideration to multiple perspectives and diversity of thought.
  • Cooperation - We work together to achieve common goals, offering support and building consensus.
  • Joy - We encourage fun and laughter, taking joy in our work and our learning while celebrating our successes.
  • Innovation - Always striving to improve, we encourage innovation and risk taking without the fear consequences for unsuccessful endeavors.