Distance Education

Distance Learning brings regular college instruction to you while either reducing the number of trips to campus or not requiring you to come to campus at all. The college offers a wide variety of educational opportunities and services to its constituents via online instruction, hybrid instruction (a combination of online and face-to-face instruction), through interactive television classrooms (ITV) and remote access to library services.

Distance Learning classes are not easier than on-campus classes. Successful students must be self-disciplined and exercise good study habits. Substantial homework should be anticipated and will constitute a major portion of the course grade.

Online Classes - Anywhere, Anytime

Online classes are classes where all or almost all of the course requirements can be completed from a computer connected to the internet. You can do your work from where you need to be when you need to do it. Some courses do require proctored exams. Check with the instructor regarding course specific requirements
  • Are you READI for online Classes?
    If you are a CC student, take this READI self-assessment and find out. Your username is cisco and your password is student.

  • So the READI assessment showed you to be ready for online classes. Now what?
    • Check out the online orientation.
      Note: If you are a VCT student taking a class with another college, you must access the course through the provider college's website.

Hybrid Classes - Flexiblility with the comfort of Face-to-Face

Hybrid classes are comprised of a balance between traditional face-to-face classes and online classes. Typically for a hybrid class, you will come to class about half as often as you would a traditional class. If you are not quite ready for a completely online class, hybrid classes require fewer trips to campus, while still providing quality face-to-face time.

ITV Classes - Who says you can't be in two places at once?

ITV classes are taught via interactive video. ITV classes are taught between two or more specially equipped classrooms. These classes are primarily targeted for deliver to local high schools for dual credit classes.

Dual Credit Program at CC

CC has an active dual credit program with area high schools. Select Dual Credit Program for more information.

Virtual College of Texas

If you can't find the online class you want in the CC Schedule of Classes, then maybe you can find it at the VCT. If you want to reserve a seat in a VCT course, please complete the VCT Course Reservation Request Form.

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