Future Students

Thinking of coming to Cisco College? Whether you’re looking to earn an associate’s degree, complete your basics for transfer to any public Texas college or university; or whether you’re looking to earn college credit while in high school, are an adult returning to college, or a senior citizen looking to enhance your education, Ciscohas a place for you. You’re just a click away from getting started!

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What degrees and classes does Cisco College offer?

Check out the catalog to find degrees and programs of study. The course schedules will show you what classes we offer in any given semester.

How do I apply?

Cisco College is an open enrollment institution and does NOT require SAT or ACT, but you do need to complete an application and follow the steps for admission.

Can I afford college?

Absolutely! Cisco is an affordable, accessible college, and a great place for you to start. You'll find that tuition at Cisco is 1/3 the cost of public institutions and thousands less than private colleges and universities. To find out more about scholarships, grants and loans, check out the financial aid information.

Do I need to take the TSI Exam?

You are required to take the TSI exam or have an exemption on file in order to enroll in academic courses.

You are NOT required to take the TSI exam if you are entering one of the following certificate programs:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Business Systems Technology
  • Cosmetology
  • Criminal Justice
  • HVAC
  • Industrial Technology
  • Management
  • Medical Assisting
  • Real Estate
  • Welding

What is developmental education, and do I need it?

Not everyone who desires a college education is ready when they enter college to meet the rigorous demands they face. Cisco is committed to enhancing our developmental courses and strongly supporting our students in their pursuit of higher education. Success Programs is working with faculty to find ways to service our students at the highest level. To determine if you think you might need to take developmental courses, check out the information on our Texas Success Initiatives page.

Why Cisco College?

Cisco offers:

  • Affordable tuition and fees
  • Open enrollment
  • Caring faculty
  • Career programs that prepare you for success in the job market
  • State-of-the-art instructional equipment and hands-on training
  • Small classes and one-on-one training
  • A college with traditions as well as a place for non-traditional students

We want you to reach your fullest potential. So we work provide a learning environment that will support your educational goals, develop your skills and encourage lifelong learning.

Our students are people who have made the decision to improve their quality of life, no matter what their circumstances. Join us today!