Cisco College Wrangler Cheer

The Cisco College Cheer Program is designed to help cheerleaders improve on existing skills and to learn more advanced skills. The program emphasizes proper technique prior to increasing the level of difficulty. Practice time is divided between 4 major categories: cheers/chants, jumps, stunting, and tumbling.  Athletic conditioning is worked in throughout each week. Cisco College Cheer supports all of our athletic programs. The squad cheers at all home football, volleyball, and basketball games. To support the other sports, the squad attends games and cheers from the stands. 

Why Cheer at Cisco College?

  • Small student-teacher ratio
  • Affordable quality education
  • Small campus environment
    • Friendly atmosphere
    • Dormitory life
    • Small community
  • Small city close to bigger cities
    • 40 minutes from Abilene
    • 90 minutes from Fort Worth
  • Travel Opportunities

Scholarships are available! The amount awarded is based on experience upon entering the program.

Interested in joining the Wrangler Cheer Team? Click here to fill out a Cheer prospect form.