International Student Admissions

Deadlines for International Students applying to Cisco College:

  • July 15 for the Fall semester
  • November 15 for the Spring semester
  • April 15 for the Summer semesters

International Student Liaison
Cisco College
101 College Heights
Cisco, Texas 76437

Prospective students who are not legal citizens of the United States and are planning to enter the U.S. on an F-1 visa will need to submit the following required documentation no later than the stated deadlines, for consideration of acceptance to Cisco College.  Please submit all documents, including the $100.00 application fee, in one packet.

  1. $100.00  non-refundable International Student Application Fee-this fee must be received before a student ID is issued to a student. DUE TO THE COST AND EXPENSE OF MAILING TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES AN I-20 WILL NOT BE ISSUED UNTIL THE $100 APPLICATION FEE IS RECEIVED FROM THE APPLICANT.  This is a required fee and is charged to ALL international students and is not covered by scholarships.  This fee will need to be submitted in the form of a cashier's check or money order made out to Cisco College,  from your bank or financial institution.
    *IMPORTANT: All documents that are not in English must be accompanied with official translation.

  2. International Application Please print and complete this application. 
  3. Certificate of Health Please print this form and take it to your medical doctor to be completed and signed.
  4. Legible copies of immunization records for: Diphtheria and Tetanus (within the last 10 years), Bacterial Meningitis (within the last 5 years), Poliomyelitis (types I, II and III), Measles, Mumps, and Rubella. Please note: if records are not in English, translation is required. 
  5. Official transcripts of completion from high school or a secondary school, and official transcripts from all colleges attended. If the transcript is not in English, translation will need to accompany the official transcript.
  6. Confirmation of Financial Resources Form Please print this form and have your, or your sponsor’s, financial institution complete, sign, and seal the appropriate areas. Also, submit financial evidence of $15,000.00 USD, such as a current bank statement or official letter from the bank. Both documents must not be older than six (6) months at the time you begin classes. Please note: if you have been granted a scholarship for a Cisco College sport, you will need to submit evidence of the difference between the scholarship amount and the $15,000.00.  You will also need to have funds to cover the $100 application fee.
  7. If English is not your native language, the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) is required. Website:   Score report minimum scores: PBT– 450;  iBT– 45. Institution Code: 003553. 
  8. Any documentation showing proof of dependents (if applicable).
  9. A copy of the front page of your passport showing your name, country of origin and the expiration date of the passport. 
  10. Statement of Understanding Please print and complete.
  11. Copies of all I-20’s issued since initial entrance into the United States, if applicable.

F-1 students wanting to transfer from another U.S. college must submit the following items in addition to those listed above,  no later than the stated deadlines: 

  1. A copy of your F-1 visa. 
  2. A copy of your I-94 card (front and back). 
  3. A copy of your current I-20 (all three pages).
  4. A copy of your Social Security card, if you have already been issued a card/number since having been in the United States.
  5. An Advisors Report completed by your current International Student Advisor. 
Prospective students who have been granted acceptance to Cisco College will be notified by letter and an initial I-20, as soon as your documents have been processed. The student can then go to their Embassy to obtain the F-1 visa, unless they are already in the United States on an F-1 visa. Cisco College accepts F-1 visas only.  Please note that students who do not have a Social Security number will be issued a Cisco College ID number. 

Students are required to provide proof of Health Insurance Coverage prior to the first class day.  
Health Insurance Coverage must be in effect for the entire semester, or for the school year: August through May. If the student intends to continue classes through the summer semesters, coverage will need to be extended for the entire calendar year. Please note adequate insurance is defined as follows:

    • Medical benefits per accident or illness and in the aggregate per individual should be consistent with current, prudent community standards with a minimum coverage of $100,000. This coverage must have a reasonable expectation of being met. Any internal limits on specific costs and/or exclusion must meet usual, customary, and reasonable standards. Co-payments should not exceed 20%.
    • The “wait period” for a pre-existing condition should be reasonable by industry standards.
    • The standard, individual deductible should be reasonable and of such amount as to not produce undue hardship to the international exchange participant as on out-of-pocket cost. For students, particularly at the undergraduate level, a reasonable deductible at this writing would be $50 to $100. 
    • Policies must include repatriation, which means in the event of an untimely death of a student, the body or remains will be returned to the home country. Also, transportation (evacuation) costs will be at a level consistent with current reasonable expenses.
    • Cisco College requires that all international students must have health and accident insurance for the length of time the student is enrolled in classes. The student may not allow health/accident insurance to stop during their enrollment in school. The coverage for health/accident insurance may be purchased from any approved company provided the medical expense benefit is $100,000 or more. If policies other than ones purchased in the United States are used, they must have all information translated into English, and must clearly show the expiration date.   

Concurrent International Students

International students who are enrolled full-time at another college/university and who have SEVIS records that are maintained by that institution, but wish to concurrently enroll in courses at Cisco College, will need to submit the following documents to the International Student Liaison in order to register for courses at Cisco College.  

  1. Official transcript from current college or university
  2. Proof of the Bacterial Meningitis vaccine given within the last five years
  3. Copies of current I-20, passport, F-1 visa, and I-94
  4. An Advisors Report completed by your current International Student Advisor

Documents must be submitted by stated deadlines for Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.  Deadlines for mini-mesters are as follows:
             November 1st for the December mini-mester
             April 1st for the May and July mini-mesters
             July 1st for the August mini-mester 

Each student will need to contact the International Student Liaison at and receive confirmation of documents received prior to filling out the on-line application for Cisco College.   A Cisco College ID number will be issued to students who do not have a Social Security number.

International Student Liaison
Cisco College
101 College Heights
Cisco, Texas 76437

All items must be received by the International Student Liaison according to the following deadlines: 

  • July 15 for the Fall semester
  • November 15 for the Spring semester
  • April 15 for the Summer semesters
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