Cisco College is a participant in the TxVSN through the Virtual College of Texas. The 80th Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 1788, authorizing the Texas Education Agency to establish and administer a state virtual school network to provide education to students through electronic means. An electronic course is defined as a course in which instruction and content are delivered primarily over the Internet; a student and teacher are in different locations for a majority of the student's instructional period; most instructional activities take place in an online environment; the online instructional activities are integral to the academic program; extensive communication between a student and a teacher and among students is emphasized; and a student is not required to be located on the physical premises of a school district or open-enrollment charter school.

A schedule of TxVSN classes available through Cisco College can be found at 

In order for students to participate in TxVSN through Cisco College, the student must complete the enrollment process.

Steps to Enroll for Dual Credit Through TxVSN

  1. Complete the Cisco College online application
  2. Print and complete the residency questionaire
  3. Obtain a Letter of Permission from the principal listing which courses may be taken and the high school courses that will be credited
  4. Submit proof of your passing ACCUPLACER test scores or if exempt, your ACT, SAT or TAKS test scores.
    • An official high school transcript may be used if the exempting test scores are posted on the transcript
  5. Pay tuition & fees prior to the first class day of the college semester.
    • Note: for a full refund a student must withdraw prior to the start of the semester.
  6. Obtain the required textbooks for the course.
    • For some dual credit courses, the high school may provide the textbook, otherwise a student is responsible to have the textbooks and any required supplies for the course.
    • A student may purchase textbooks and any required supplies from the course owner.
    • Information for purchasing the textbook through the course owner will be provided in a confirmation/information email the student will receive upon registration for the course.

For more information please contact: