Online Registration

Who can register online?
Current students, former students, transfer students and transient students who meet the following criteria:

  • Must not have an outstanding balance
  • Must submit all necessary paperwork and meet all admissions requirements
  • Must be college ready
  • Must be in good academic standing

First Time College Students

  • Must submit all necessary admissions paperwork and meet all admissions requirements
  • Must have passed or be exempt from taking a placement exam

Who cannot register online?

  • Students required to enroll in developmental courses
  • Students who have an outstanding balance in the business office
  • Students who have not submitted all necessary admissions paperwork and have not met all admissions requirements
  • Students who have not passed, been exempt from or met the testing requirements
  • Students enrolled in certain technical programs with limited enrollment (i.e. cosmetology, nursing, etc. )
  • Concurrent enrollment high school students
  • International Students

How to register online**

  1. Go to Campus Connect on the Cisco College website. The next page requires your Student ID (Social Security Number - NO DASHES OR SPACES) and your pin number (your 8-digit birthdate, MMDDYYYY, NO DASHES OR SPACES).
  2. Select "Reg'r/Add/Drop Courses"
  3. Select "Choose A New Department"
  4. Highlight by clicking a semester and department of a class for which you would like to register
  5. Select the class you would like to register for by clicking the "ADD" button beside the class. You may proceed by returning to Step 3 and select "Choose A New Department"

**Students are responsible for charges generated against their account as a result of using this option of Campus Connect. For additional information about Campus Connect, click here.