What is P-16?

P-16 is a student-focused, comprehensive and integrated system that links all education levels from Pre-K through post-secondary. The P-16 initiatives call for a seamless system of education in which all levels of education- preschool through college- educate as one system instead of several. Under this umbrella, programs are being developed to arm students and parents with the information and understanding needed to make the transition to higher education. P-16 initiatives promote an educated citizenry and a healthy economy. 

P-16 programs allow educators, business people and policy makers to develop new programs and enhance existing programs to ensure that students successfully make the transition to post-secondary education; thus better preparing students for learning, entering the workplace and a higher standard of living. 


Why the need for P-16?

  • Fundamental changes in the structure of the economy and the workforce put a much higher premium on academic achievement. In 1959 only 20 percent of workers needed at least some college for their jobs. In 2000, 56 percent do. Becoming a high-level generalist is especially important in a fast-paced global economy where workers must continuously upgrade their skills. (Crossing the Great Divide, 2000)
  • Only 28% of low-income students are enrolled in a college-preparatory curriculum, compared to 49% of middle-income students and 65% of high-income students. (Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Closing the Graduation Gap; Toward High Schools that Prepare All Students for College, Work, and Citizenship, 2003)

  • Studies show that high school students are not adequately prepared for college level work. Colleges and universities are increasingly placing recent high school graduates in remedial courses. “By providing students with a stronger understanding of what will be required of them in higher education, public school educators can challenge their students to pursue the demanding curricula required under the recommended or advanced high school diploma and reduce the number of students required to take remedial education upon entering higher education.”(Governor Rick Perry- Early Childhood Education)

  • Link to Governor Perry's P-16 Information