Media Club

Cisco College Media and the Arts Club consists of college students, faculty, staff  and media professionals who have an interest in media and the Arts. Beginning in 2015-16 the Club will sponsor a new student newspaper and website publication Wrangler Express.The club is active on both campuses of Cisco College, and joint virtual meetings are held frequently. The students, college staff and the media community are excited about interacting to bring the News and the Arts together in an informative and creative manner for the benefit of student life and the greater Big Country region. For more information about joining the club, the publication or events please email Linda Royall

Wrangler Express Statement of Purpose
The mission of the Wrangler Express is to inform students, faculty and the general public about people and events at the college; and to foster a positive community spirit on the two campuses. Some objectives toward this mission include:
  • Establishing a regular news product with a consistent style and format, whether printed, digitalized, or both.

  • Striving towards high standards of writing, photography, and layout.

  • Providing information of upcoming events through advance articles and calendar listings.


  • Covering events as they happen with reporting and photography (Examples: Wrangler Day, Ranch Day, sporting events).

  • Entertaining the readership with humorous and/or thought-provoking columns and blogs.

  • Introducing readers to various faculty, staff and students at the two campuses with feature stories on individuals (for example: international students; a faculty member who has just published a book; a new librarian; a staff member with an interesting background; sports stars; any student who has an interesting hobby or occupation.)

  • Spotlighting the activities of any club or organization on campus (examples: Wranglerettes; the band); as well as feature articles on activities in various departments.

  • Informing students of various services on campus (examples: tutoring, Writing Center, InterLibrary Loan, counseling). 


Club Venue