Welcome to Canvas

 Doing a Web search for "Canvas" will take you to the main Canvas site, not Cisco College's. You can also access our Canvas hub via the Canvas app. 

Your Username is FirstName.LastNameLast4@students.cisco.edu
Where Last4 is the last 4 digits of your Student ID

Your PW is your Student ID
Only the numbers, do not enter any dashes

Stuck? Email us at canvas-help@cisco.edu

Contact us if you cannot access your Canvas courses by the first day of classes. However, be aware not all face-to-face courses utilize Canvas. Please allow up to 24 hours for course adds and drops to update in Canvas.

When making a request, please provide:

  • Your full name (name you registered with through school)
  • School email address
  • Student ID
  • Complete info for the course/s you are having issues with (ex. ENGL 1302.E2 Spring 2015 Harris)
  • A copy of your schedule is most helpful!