Canvas is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Cisco College uses for online learning. Within Canvas, instructors provide students access to course content. Canvas also enables students to interact with instructors and peers, submit assignments and receive feedback, and access library services. Some face-to-face courses may also use Canvas as a supplementary resources.


Login to Canvas

To access Canvas, visit the Cisco College Canvas page.

Use these credentials:

Username:  Entire Cisco College email address

Password:  Student ID number, with no space or dash

To create your Cisco College email address, take your first name, last name, and last four digits of your Student ID number and format as:

For instance, if your name is Jane Smith and the last four digits of your Student ID number are 1234, your email address will be:


Problems accessing Canvas?  Double check the following:

  1. Only visit the Cisco College Canvas page: Cisco College credentials will not work on any other Canvas login pages.
  2. Ensure your email address includes "students" not "student."
  3. If your name includes a hyphen, apostrophe, or space, leave it out when creating your email. For instance, Jane Doe-Smith would use:
  4. Use your Student ID number, rather than your Social Security number; they are separate numbers. If you do not know your Student ID number, you can visit Campus Connect. The number will be in bold next to your name.
  5. Do not use the dash when entering your Student ID number as your password.
  6. Allow for processing time. After registering for the first time with Cisco College, it will take one business day for your information to be in Canvas.


Stuck? Email us at

Contact us if you cannot access your Canvas courses by the first day of classes. However, be aware not all face-to-face courses utilize Canvas. Please allow up to 24 hours for course adds and drops to update in Canvas.

When making a request, please provide:

  • Your full name (name you registered with through school)
  • School email address
  • Student ID
  • Complete info for the course/s you are having issues with (ex. ENGL 1302.E2 Spring 2015 Harris)
  • A copy of your schedule is most helpful!