Entrance/Exit Counseling

Exit counseling is similar to the entrance counseling you received when you first completed your master promissory note. This learning opportunity provides information about your rights and responsibilities as a borrower, including information about various repayment plans and deferment or forbearance options that may be available to you if you are unable to make a payment.

The federal government requires schools to conduct exit interviews with all students who receive specific types of federal student loans.

You need counseling if you have a:

  • Direct Subsidized Loan
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loan
  • Federal Stafford Loan (subsidized or unsubsidized)
  • Federal Supplemental Loan for Students

You do not need counseling if you have only:

  • Private Education Loans (although some lenders may require exit counseling)

To participate in Counseling, follow the links below: