Meat Judging Team - Results & Schedules


Another Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest is in the books. We are very proud of the Cisco College Meats Team on a 4th place Overall Team finish! We were 3rd place team in Beef Grading, 4th place team in Overall Beef, 4th place in Total Placing, and 2nd place individual in Lamb Judging - Hunter Pendergraft. This contest concludes the Spring 2015 Judging season. We will finish up the 2015 season in the fall with the American Royal, Beef Empire Days, and Cargill High Plains. 


Congratulations to the Cisco College Meat Judging Team! We had a great week at the Ft. Worth Livestock Show and Rodeo Southwestern Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest where the team got their first Top Five Team Finish (5th) of the season. We had several top five individual placings as well as team finishes.


  • Beef Grading Individuals - 2nd - Tayler McBride
  • Beef Grading Teams - 3rd Cisco College
  • Total Placings Individuals - 1st Cory James
  • Total Placings Teams - 3rd Cisco College
  • Alternates Contest Individuals - 7th Jehana Karen Randrianajaina
  • Alternates Contest Individuals - 9th Sarah Rogers
  • Total Contest - 5th Cisco College

We competed with several other colleges and universities including two international teams.  The A-Division teams were Clarendon College, Fort Scott Community College, Australian National, Garden City Community College, Western Texas College, and Zamorano University. 

Cisco College students were able to network with coaches and professors from several universities from the Senior Division which included Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, Colorado State University, Oklahoma State University, University of Wyoming, Angelo State University, University of Missouri, Kansas State University, South Dakota State University, University of Nebraska, Iowa State University, West Texas A&M, Tarleton State University, and North Dakota State University.  

The contest was hosted by Frontier Meats and the awards banquet was co-hosted by the Southwestern Exposition and Stock Show and Standard Meat Company.  Several other companies and industry leaders sponsored various awards including American Angus Association, The American Hereford Association, American Meat Science Association, Tarleton State University, Texas A&M University, Keystone Foods, Livestock Poultry & Seed Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, National Beef,  National Lamb Feeders Association, National Pork Board, Dr. Bob Campbell, CEV Multimedia, JBS USA Inc., Lone Star Beef Producers, Oklahoma-Texas Meat Producers, Southwest Meat Association, Texas Association of Meat Processors, Keith Tice, Butler's Smokehouse, Dr. Randy Harp, Dr. Gretchen Mafi, and West Texas A&M University Beef Carcass Research Center.


The Cisco College Meat Judging Team has returned from our first round of Spring 2015 Competitions. 

National Western Stock Show - Denver, Colorado

  •  Beef Grading - A Division Individuals
        4th Place - Tayler McBride
  • Beef Grading - A Division Teams
        2nd Place - Cisco College

  •  Pork Judging - A Division Individuals
        2nd Place - Emily Phillips

  •  Total Contest - A Division Teams
         6th Place - Cisco College

  •  Alternates Contest - A Division Individuals
        5th Place - Hunter Pendergraft 

  •  Alternates Contest - A Division Individuals
        11th Place - Jehana Karen Randrianajaina

We competed with several other colleges and universities including one international team.  The Teams were Clarendon College, Fort Scott Community College, Australian National, Garden City Community College, Western Texas Community College.

Cisco College Meat Team students were able to network with several influential people and companies in the industry. These included The American Hereford Association, American Meat Science Association, Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, Colorado Livestock Association, Keystone Foods, Livestock Poultry & Seed Program, Agricultural Marketing Service, National Beef, National Lamb Feeders Association, North American Meat Association, National Pork Board, National Western Stock Show,  North Dakota State University Animal Science Graduate Student Carnivore Catering, JBS USA Inc., JBS USA Inc. Lamb Division, JBS USA Inc. Pork Product, JBS USA Inc. Beef Product, US Meat Export Federation, and West Texas A&M University Castleman's Carcass Data Service.



The Cisco College Meat Judging Team has returned from the Beef Empire Days competition in Garden City, Kansas over the weekend. The team had another great contest with several Top Five Team finishes as well as several Top Five Individual awards. The first contest season will come to a close with Nationals at Cargill High Plains contest in Friona, TX on November 2. 

Beef Empire Days - Garden City, Kansas

  • Beef Grading Teams - 5th

  • Beef Judging Teams - 5th

  • Lamb Judging Individuals 
      Jacob Delgado - 5th

  • Lamb Judging Teams - 5th

  • Overall Beef - 5th

  • Pork Judging Teams - 4th

  • Total Placings Individuals 
      Logan Keller - 5th

  • Total Placings Teams - 4th

  • Total Questions - 5th

  • Total Contest Teams - 5th