Developmental Studies, Education & Child Development

For students who need preparation for college-level content due to a variety of factors, ranging from having difficulty in a particular subject area to returning to school after a period of time, Cisco College offers comprehensive developmental education courses. The purpose of these courses is to provide crucial preparation for success in college-level Mathematics, English and Reading intensive courses. Enrollment in Developmental Education courses is based upon student placement (typically via the TSI) and may include any combination of developmental English, developmental Mathematics, and developmental Reading. Based on test score placement, students will be placed in the appropriate level of remediation and are expected to proceed through the appropriate sequence (for example, from Derw 0402 to Derw 0403) and then on to a reading-intensive college-level course. A grade of ‘C’ or higher will allow a student to progress to the next developmental course or to the next appropriate college-level course. 


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