Player Check List

Step One: Admissions Application
Complete an Admissions Application online at
1. Access the drop down menu at the top of the Admissions page
2. Click on Application
3. Complete the information and submit
4. Have your High School/GED transcripts for all schools attended sent to:
Admissions Office
101 College Heights
Cisco, Tx 76437

Step Two: Financial Aid Application

IMPORTANT: Needs to be completed by July 1 for it to be in place at the time of registration. If not in place for registration, be prepared to pay in full or arrange a payment plan for tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Contact Financial Aid with questions at (254) 442-5153

Step Three: Take the Placement Exam - TSI (Texas Success Initiative)
  • You may be exempt from the TSI. If you graduated from a high school in Texas, your TAKS scores can make you exempt (2200 English Language Arts with a "3" on Essay portion and 2200 on Math)
  • The TSI is offered at Cisco College. If you wish to take the exam at Cisco, contact the counselors Leigh Dycus (254) 442-5023 or Misty Taylor (254) 442-5024
  • Also call the counselors to check for orientation dates over the summer
Be sure to submit your Housing Application:
1. Go to
2. Click on Student Life
3. Choose Housing from the drop down menu

For any questions, contact Joy Scott at (254) 442-5178