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Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I have problems with campus computer equipment?
Help Desk (254) 442-5010 or ext. 5010 from a campus phone

What if I have problems registering online?

Call Enrollment Services (254) 442-5134 in Cisco or (325) 794-4403 in Abilene

What if I can't access an online course?

Email Canvas support at

To whom do I speak regarding academic transcripts?

Call Enrollment Services at (254) 442-5132 if you are submitting to Cisco
Call (254) 442-5108 to send a transcript out.

What if I have questions about graduation, caps/gown and diplomas?

Call Enrollment Services at (254) 442-5134

Where do I get scantrons?

Call the Cisco College Bookstore at (254) 442-5138 in Cisco or (325) 794-4435 in Abilene

Where do I get tutoring help?

For Cisco campus call (254) 442-5022 or Student Success and Tutoring  
For Abilene campus call (325) 794-4439

Can I get tutoring assistance if I'm not on campus?

The Wrangler Tutoring Center can help you, too!  For more information or help contact Renee Leath at (325) 794-4439

Where can I find out about student policies and procedures?

Check out the Student and Residence Hall Handbook

I have another question, to whom should I speak?

Call (325) 794-4400 in Abilene or (254) 442-5000. Our switchboard operators should be able to help you find the appropriate department.