Two semesters


Abilene Campus

Cisco College's Biotechnology program is a 2 semester program beginning in August of each year. Cisco College has designed a program in biotechnology specifically to prepare students for entry-level positions in the rapidly growing biotechnology industry. Students will receive hands-on learning and gain experience in our state-of-the-art labs for scientific tests, experiments, and analyses.

Students will be able to apply the knowledge and techniques they have gained from Cisco College when beginning their career in the Biotechnology field. Opportunities in the field of Biotechnology include: Biotechnology Research Assistant/Technician, Laboratory Management and Support Positions, Pharmaceutical Research Assistant/Technician, Forensic Laboratory Assistant/Technician, and Federal Government Laboratory Technician.


Degrees & Certifications Offered


See the Cisco College Catalog for course listings.

Target Jobs

  • Biotechnology Research Assistant/Technician
  • Laboratory Management
  • Pharmaceutical Research Assistant/Technician
  • Forensic Laboratory Assistnat/Technician
  • Federal Government Laboratory Technician

Gainful Employment


Charlotte Speegle
Executive Dean of Workforce & Economic Development

Mindy Ross
Workforce & Economic Development Coordinator

Complete application procedure in timely manner

Strong GPA; courses taken & passed with a "C" or better are viewed favorably

Satisfactory High School or College records, placement tests, and other criteria


*Prospective students should remember that acceptance by Cisco College does not guarantee admission into specific occupational programs