The mission of the Speech Communication Department at Cisco College is to develop effective oral communication skills.  The skills students develop in speech classes, including research, organization, and delivery, are relevant in both college and the workforce. Excellent communication skills are not just sought by employers; communication skills are ranked as the top skills employers seek, and the skills most lacking in the majority of applicants, regardless of the career field.

Cisco offers three communication courses:

Speech 1315 - Public Speaking
Speech 1321 - Business and Professional Speaking


Crystal Rolison - Office: AEC 55
B.A., Southwestern University
M.A., Texas A&M University

Students planning to transfer a Cisco College Associates of Arts Degree or Cisco College core curriculum to a four-year institution for a speech-related degree are encouraged to consider the following suggested curricula.  However, students should always consult the department, degree, or program information for their intended transfer institution.