Transition Center


The mission of the Cisco College Transition Center is to provide comprehensive quality services that facilitate successful transition into higher education and career programs, from high school through licensure, certification and/or baccalaureate completion.  

The Process
If you are thinking about and or planning to transfer from Cisco College, the following steps will aid you in the process:
1.  Determine where you would like to go - this is where the Transition Centers can be helpful. 
2.  Review their academic programs to make sure your desired program of study is offered.
3.  Review the tuition and fees to make sure it is within your college budget.
4.  Make sure the town/city has the amenities you need and/or want.
5.  Obtain a Transfer Equivalency list to see what courses will transfer and how  they will appear on your transcript.
6.  Contact the Admissions office of the college to which you want to transfer and they will assist you in completing the attendance and transfer requirements.

*To access a list of colleges in Texas and link to their Transfer Information and Tuition Information, click

here to link to the TCCN (Texas Common Course Numbering System) website.  A list of participating institutions can be found on the TCCN site.  If you have any questions about the TCCN information, contact  the Transition Center Specialist.

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For additional information or to share questions/concerns, contact:
Lori Grubbs, Director of College Transitions  or  Renee Leath, Transition Center Specialist