Q: When can I take Dual Credit?
A: Dual Credit is available to Juniors and Seniors. Sophomores may enroll in dual credit if they have displayed academic excellence and have written permission form their principal.

Q: How do I enroll in Dual Credit?
A: Speak with your high school counselor to determine eligibility. If eligible, follow pre-enrollment steps on the Eligibility and Admissions Requirements page.

Q: Can I take Dual Credit if I did not achieve the required score on the EOC STAAR test?
A: Policies vary between schools. Speak with your high school counselor to determine an appropriate graduation plan for you. If you are eligible for dual credit, you will need to prove that you are college ready. See the Minimum Test Scores (TSI) page for applicable tests and their respective scores.  

Q: When and where can I take a required test?
A: Check with your high school for PSAT, PLAN, ACT or SAT test dates. If you need to take the TSI exam, please call the counseling center for test dates and times. Some high schools may also be able to offer the TSI in house.

Q: Are there accommodations for students with disabilities?
A: Yes, every service offered by Cisco College is available to dual credit students.

Q: Should I take dual credit if I am unsure of my post graduation plans?
A: Dual credit is not for all students. However, dual credit is the perfect opportunity to explore your interest in many of Cisco College's programs. Cisco College offers career and technology as well as academic dual credit for high school students at a reduced rate.

Q: Can I enroll in dual credit courses not offered for my specific high school?
A: Under certain circumstances a student may enroll in a dual credit course not offered by their high school. Please consult your high school counselor or call the Director of Dual Credit for more information.

Q: How does dual credit courses differ from regular college course?
A: Rigor and content is identical in dual credit courses and regular college courses.

Q: How do I purchase books and supplies for my dual credit course?
A: Required texts can be purchased from the Cisco College bookstore on either the Cisco campus or Abilene Educational Center. In some cases, the high school will provide books.

Q: Will dual credit courses transfer to other institutions?
A: Most academic dual credit courses will transfer to other universities and colleges. Transfer policies differ widely across institutions and students should consult prospective institutions for course transferability.