Professional Development

 It is helpful to meet with other members of the College and Career Readiness Culture face-to-face.  Brainstorming and workshopping are key elements involved in making the movement successful.  These brainstorming and workshopping opportunities can take place in multiple venues.  From national conferences to local conversations, all opportunities are valued and important.

Important Organizations

Along with the entire nation, Texas is looking forward into the future and we realize the future includes a need for students who have skills for the 21st century and we are racing to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements.  It is advantageous to rely on organizations who are also on the forefront of the movement to provide a response to this need and are working towards the common goal of ensuring student success in this readiness initiative.

National Organizations

Texas-Specific Organizations

Other State-Specific Organization


For additional information or to share questions/concerns, contact Kim James.

CCR Terminology 


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