Review and Share Best Practices and CCR Innovations 

What is a Best Practice?

You are involved in the process of helping to ensure students are ready for college and the workforce.  How are you doing this?  What have you found successful?  If you are willing to share what has worked, how and why, then we want to offer you a forum for sharing.  We consider these moments your “best practices.” 

How to Share a Best Practice

Click here to access the College and Career Readiness Best Practices Form (this is an MS Word document).  Once the form is completed, send it to Kim James, via email.  We will post the compiled Best Practices below.

Shared Best Practices

CCR Innovations

Many educators, counselors and administrators are implementing new ideas into their school systems.  These exciting innovations may seem like minor additions/improvements, but their impact is certainly felt and has been effective in promoting the College and Career Culture.

School System


 Cisco ISD    

 The nameplates outside teacher's classrooms not only show the teacher's name, but also their educational degrees.  This shows students the importance of getting a college education and reinforces the idea that teachers were once students too.

Sweetwater ISD Penants and posters from several Texas colleges adorn the school cafeterias showing students the importance of post-secondary education.  Since not all students may not go to the cafeteria on a regular basis, the school system also posted several college penants in their computer labs.



For additional information or to share questions/concerns, contact Kim James.

CCR Terminology

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