Understanding the CCRS



The Educational Policy Improvement Center (EPIC), in conjunction with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), has prepared the following presentations to assist in your understanding of the CCRS and the applicable background/history:

Key Documents

There are several documents that comprise the entirety of the College and Career Readiness Movement.  Click the appropriate link below for full-text versions of these documents:

Don’t Get “Lost in Translation”

Sometimes these documents can be difficult to wade through and we do not want you getting discouraged.  Part of this College and Career Readiness Culture includes the fostering of a community where questions are encouraged.  Curious about a College and Career Readiness document or publication?  Post your question/issue on the College and Career Readiness: West Texas Discussion Board.

Helpful Websites 


Discipline Specific Resources

The College and Career Readiness Standards are divided into four key disciplines in addition to the "Cross-Disciplinary" section - "English/Language Arts," "Mathematics," "Science," "Social Studies."  For resources focused on the implementation of the four key disciplines, click

For additional information or to share questions/concerns, contact Kim James.

CCR Terminology 

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