Summer/Mini-Mester Classes


KINE- 1304 – Personal/Community Health

KINE 1346 -  Drug Use and Abuse

KINE 1337 - Sport and Rec Management

  • KINE 1304 &1346 will consist of 10 discussion questions and 5 Tests. 
  • Will transfer and the KINE 1304 will fulfill your Health requirement at most colleges.
  • EVERYTHING IS ONLINE. You can register now till class begins.
  • Last day to register will be the first day of class.  
  • See the Schedule of Costs on the Admissions link.
  • We do take Credit Cards.
  • You MUST have access to the internet to take this class. You must have a book.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


  1. Fill out Application for Admission online at
  2. Send a copy of your COLLEGE transcripts to our Registrar’s office (phone number is 254-442-5132).
  3. Sign up for the class online, or call our counselors office at 254-442-5022/5023 (I would e-mail them also or  ).
  4. Pay our Business office (they take Credit Cards over the phone – 254-442-5119)
  5. Purchase your book. 
      • Hales An Invitation to Health : Building Your Future, Brief Edition (with Personal Wellness Guide) 8th
        Hales General MindLink for MindTap Health Printed Access Card for Hales' An Invitation to Health: Building Your Future, Brief Edition, 8th
    • OR
    • Thomson/Wadsworth 2008. Drug Use and Abuse, 5th Ed. ISBN # 0-495-09207-x (has Green cover with Orange flower on cover)

You can do this 2 ways:

  1. Online at , , .  Put in the ISBN # (above) and buy it.   Contact our bookstore and they can send you one 325-794-4435 or 254-442-5138
  2. Download the e-book from the publisher at

Once signed up, go to, click on the “Blackboard” icon at the top of the page. Keep clicking to log in. And follow Log in directions when you get there. You will not be able to access the class until Dec.13th.

For Further info, contact Shawn Hughes at  or call 254-442-5033.