Online Walking


The class will meet 3 times per semester. Once during the first week of classes, usually on a weeknight about 6pm. (exact times will be posted about 4 -6 weeks before semester begins). Once at the midterm (also in the evening) and once for the final. (also in the evening)

INITIAL MEETING WILL BE ON  ????  at  the Abilene Campus.  Room # 236

The first class will consist of covering all the pertinent information students will need for the class. The course will consist of weekly walking assignments. At the end of each week students will send times and distances. Students will also be required to read two books (about 40 pages each) that deal with nutrition and exercise. Students will be tested over both. Then students will do a one-mile walking test. Dress comfortably.

From that one-mile walk test, the instructor will place students in one of five walking programs depending on each person's level of fitness. It will generate a walking program for each week. These will be posted in Blackboard online, as will tests. We will also use Blackboard to answer any questions that arise throughout the semester. Students may also use Blackboard to have discussions with classmates.

The midterm class will be to answer any questions students may have face to face and to re-test your one-mile walk time.

The final class will be to take a final one-mile walk time.


When we test the one-mile, and when students send in times, students will also be required to send in heart rates. The heart rate doesn't lie. If a student submits a time of 18 minutes and a heart rate of 134, and then we do the test and a student's heart rate is 167, I know the student was lying. So just remember THE HEART RATE DOESN'T LIE.


  1. If you have the ability to do so, i would purchase a Heart Rate Monitor. You can get them at Academy for $40-$100. 
  2. It is always more fun to take this class if you got a buddy to work out with.