Enrollment Services

Enrollment Verification: Students may request an official verification of enrollment from the Enrollment Services Office. Click here to access the Request for Enrollment Verification Form.

6 Drop Rule: By state law, all students enrolling for the first time at any Texas public college or university after Fall 2007 will be limited to six course withdrawals (drops) during their academic career.  Drops include those initiated by students or faculty and withdrawals from courses at other Texas public institutions. This policy does not apply to courses dropped prior to census day or to complete withdrawals from the college.

When you register:

  • See your advisor
  • Choose your courses carefully

Before you drop:

  • Discuss options with your professor
  • See your Counselor

Use campus resources such as tutoring and computer labs.

Graduation: Enrollment Management provides certification of eligibility for graduation, processes applications for graduation with honors, and provides information concerning diplomas and commencement exercises.  Commencement exercises are held in May of each year.  Prospective graduates should meet with a counselor to  file for graduation.  When meeting with a counselor potential graduates should complete and submit the graduation application. Click here to access the graduation application.

Cisco College 2017 Commencement was held on May 5, 2017 at 7:00 P.M.  Congratulations to all our graduates.  Thank you to the organist Dustin Tatro for also taking pictures of the graduates.  The photos may be accessed here.

Student Records/Academic Status: Enrollment Management personnel assist students in  computing grade point averages, removing incomplete (I) grades and posting transfer credit for continuing students.

Suspension: Students placed on suspension are suspended from attending Cisco College for one long semester.  They may meet with a counselor to register for summer classes.  Students who wish to appeal their suspension may appeal by submitting the Appeal Form.

Transcripts: Students who have met all monetary and non-monetary obligations can obtain official Cisco College transcripts at no charge. Click here to request transcripts.

Withhold Directory Information: Students may request that directory information be withheld from the public as appropriate in accordance the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  To withold directory information, complete and return the non-disclosure form to Enrollment Management.